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Let s try the following experiment: open the Tasks project if it s not already open within Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone, and press F5 to run it. In the text box field that comes up, type Hello, world" (you can press the Page Up key to allow you to type from the keyboard in the emulator). Next, click the Launch Browser button, and then press the Back button to return to your application. Notice how the text box is blank (the Hello, world text is gone) once you come back to the main application screen. Now imagine if your application were a real-world application capturing many different pieces of data and it provided a WebBrowserTask to allow quick lookup of data on the Internet. It would certainly not be acceptable to the end user to have to retype all the information once the WebBrowserTask completes. Hence, you must devise a mechanism to preserve such data when the application is being tombstoned. Enterstate management. If you have done any sort of web development, the concept of state management will already be very familiar to you. And if you haven t been exposed to state management before, it s a fairly easy concept to grasp. Per Microsoft s documentation, when an application like the Tasks application of the previous example is tombstoned, it should save state information in case it is reactivated. In the sections that follow, we will show you how to save and retrieve state information within your application.
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It shouldn t come as much of a surprise to find that the life cycle of a portlet is broadly the same as that of a servlet. Servlets are generally responsible for rendering complete pages, and portlets are generally responsible for rendering fragments of pages, so there s an obvious correlation. The life cycle of a portlet therefore breaks down into the following stages: 1. 2. 3. Creation of the portlet Processing of a number of user requests (or possibly none) Removal and garbage collection of the portlet
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Figure 3-13. Choosing Centrify components for installation
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You use a send port to send documents from the BizTalk Server platform to other applications, partners, or processes. Send ports are configured using the BizTalk Administration Console and can be used in a pure messaging scenario (no orchestration) or from an orchestration.
Try It Out: Viewing the Definition of Your Stored Procedure
Figure 8-10. Searching the Property Editor
You also need to change to Mercury core configuration (Configuration Mercury core module) to recognize the local domain. To do this, switch to the Local domains tab and enter localhost in the Local host or server and Internet name text boxes, as shown in Figure 14-2.
Figure 4-15. Add activity Properties window
that has the OU or container accessible. If you did not customize the previous screen then chances are you will not need to customize this screen either. For more on Zones, Centrify has provided a write-up at When you are importing data into Open Directory one of the fields available is the first UID to use. This is similar in Centrify. At the next screen you will enter a starting UID number that will be assigned to objects. User IDs by default start at 10,000, but feel free to customize this setting. Unique identification isn t just required for users, groups need unique IDs as well. Next, provide a starting GID (GroupID) space for groups to occupy (for the most part, the same rules apply as for users). TIP: It is generally recommended that you choose a range outside that provided by Apple s native solutions to easily differentiate the source of a record. Next, set the Default home directory that will be used for accounts in your Zone as it would appear in the local system. The Default home directory is set to /home/${user} as can be seen in Figure 3-17. For the Mac OS X clients, you re going to change this to /Users/${user}, so when a user logs in the local folder /Users/USERNAME will be created on each computer, where USERNAME is the user logging in. The next screen (Default Shells) allows you to configure the default shell by using the full path to the shell. For example, if you wanted the default shell to be bash you would use /bin/bash. When you are Satisfied with your shell setting, click on Next.
public class OrderItem { public int OrderItemID { get; set; } public int Quantity { get; set; } public string ItemCode { get; set; } public string Description { get; set; } } public class Order { public Order() { Items = new List<OrderItem>(); } public public public public int OrderID { get; set; } string Description { get; set; } decimal TotalWeight { get; set; } string ShippingMethod { get; set; }
Protecting the Mail Servers
Table 14-1. File and Folder Permissions
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