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As shown in Figure 8-22, the Board Settings group contains the settings for the community s title and description, COPPA information, account activation policies, visual confirmation, and much more.
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The Array.clone function creates a shallow copy of an array. This is a new array that contains all the elements of the original array. If the original array contains references, then the references in the new array will point to the same objects, but will not make copies of those objects.
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An MMS message can contain one or more pieces of content. Each piece is represented as a separate MessagePart. A MessagePart s primary job is to contain data, such as the actual sound, image, or text. You can set binary data directly on the MessagePart, or assign an InputStream to it to make it read in the data. In addition to the data, you can set the following pieces of metadata on the MessagePart: A MIME type describes the format of the data, such as "image/jpeg" or "audio/amr". The Content ID uniquely identifies this message part. The Content Location provides a filename. The following code demonstrates how to create MessageParts. For convenience, the text data is set directly from bytes and the image data is loaded through an InputStream, but both could be set in either way.
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SymmetricAlgorithm alg = SymmetricAlgorithm.Create(algorithmname); if (alg == null) { Console.WriteLine("Invalid algorithm specified."); return; } if (args.Length == 1) { // just list the possible key sizes Console.WriteLine("Legal key sizes for algorithm {0}:",algorithmname); foreach (KeySizes size in alg.LegalKeySizes) { if (size.SkipSize != 0) { for (int i = size.MinSize;i<=size.MaxSize;i=i+size.SkipSize) { Console.WriteLine("{0} bit", i); } } else { if (size.MinSize != size.MaxSize) { Console.WriteLine("{0} bit", size.MinSize); Console.WriteLine("{0} bit", size.MaxSize); } else { Console.WriteLine("{0} bit", size.MinSize); } } } return; } // user wants to generate a key int keylen = Convert.ToInt32(args[1]); String outfile = args[2]; try { alg.KeySize = keylen; alg.GenerateKey(); FileStream fs = new FileStream(outfile,FileMode.CreateNew); fs.Write(alg.Key,0,alg.Key.Length); fs.Close();
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Writing the VB.NET code to use a connection is usually the easy part of getting a connection to work. Problems often lie not in the code, but rather in a mismatch in the connection parameters between the client (your VB.NET program) and the database server. All appropriate connection parameters must be used and must have correct values. Even experienced database professionals often have problems getting a connection to work the first time. More parameters are available than the ones shown here, but you get the idea. A corollary of Murphy s Law applies to connections: if several things can go wrong, surely one of them will. Your goal is to check both sides of the connection to make sure all of your assumptions are correct and that everything the client program specifies is matched correctly on the server. Often the solution is on the server side. If the SQL Server instance isn t running, the client will be trying to connect to a server that doesn t exist. If Windows Authentication isn t used and the user name and password on the client don t match the name and password of a user authorized to access the SQL Server instance, the connection will be rejected. If the database requested in the connection doesn t exist, an error will occur. If the client s network information doesn t match the server s, the server may not receive the client s connection request, or the server response may not reach the client.
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Listing 4-5. The ParameterizedRowMapper s mapRow Method
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his chapter is about message-based processing in local applications. Here you learn how you can intercept calls to objects to route them through IMessageSinks. This routing allows you to create and maintain parts of your application s business logic at the metadata level by using attributes. You also discover why it might be a good idea to do so.
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HTTP Requests
Once a stored procedure is created, it can also be deleted if its functionality is not required.
They are based on Microsoft ASP .NET technology, in which code that runs on the server dynamically generates web page output to the browser or client device. They are compatible with any language supported by the .NET common language runtime, including Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C#, Microsoft J#, and Microsoft JScript .NET. They are built on the Microsoft .NET Framework. This provides all the benefits of the framework, including a managed environment, type safety, and inheritance. The web page consists of application code that serves requests by users; to do so, ASP.NET compiles the code into the assemblies. Assemblies are files that contain metadata about the application and have the file extension .dll. After the code is compiled, it is translated into a language-independent and CPU-independent format called Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL), also known as Intermediate Language (IL). While running the web site, MSIL runs in the context of the .NET Framework and gets translated into CPU-specific instructions for the processor on the PC running the web application.
Note If you re planning to write libraries for use by the rest of the world, we recommend that you take the time
Figure 9-20. Creating an inbound rule enables computers to connect to your PC uninvited.
Listing 16-8. Implementation of ApplicationInterface using using using using System; System.IO; System.Windows.Controls; System.Activities;
Web-Based Course Service
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