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* completed processing of the body. * * @return SKIP_BODY * @throws JspException Thrown if the link cannot be retrieved from the body. */ public int doAfterBody() throws JspException { PortletURL url = (PortletURL) pageContext.getAttribute(getVar()); // Retrieve the content of the tag BodyContent body = getBodyContent(); if (body == null) { throw new JspException("No body (link) provided in tag"); } // Check that we've got a path ! String path = body.getString(); if (path == null) { throw new JspException("No path (link) provided in tag"); } pageContext.getServletContext().log("UrlTag path=" + path); // Determine the href part and the query part // of the given relative (hopefully) URL. int splitAt = path.indexOf(' '); // The HREF part is from the beginning of the string up to, but // not including the ' ' (or the whole string if there's no ' '). String href = (splitAt > 0) path.substring(0, splitAt) : path; // The QUERY part is from immediately AFTER the ' ' to the end // of the string (or an empty string if there's no ' ') String query = (splitAt > 0) path.substring(splitAt + 1) : ""; // Add the parameters to the PortletURL // ready for the user to obtain them. url.setParameter(HREF, href); url.setParameter(QUERY, query); // We're done processing the body return SKIP_BODY; }
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Typical Resolutions
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The GetHost Method
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EAAccessory *_accessory; NSMutableArray *_accessoryList; EAAccessory *_selectedAccessory; GameController *_accessoryController; // // Define the outlets that will be updated // as the game progresses // IBOutlet UIImageView *ball; IBOutlet UIImageView *playerPaddle; IBOutlet UIImageView *compPaddle; IBOutlet UILabel *playerScoreView; IBOutlet UILabel *compScoreView; IBOutlet UILabel *winOrLoseView; //****************************************************** // // GENERAL NOTES ON THE PROPERTIES AND METHODS BELOW // // Most, if not all, of the stuff below could be // defined as simple instance variables within the // the pongViewController and does not need to be // defined here, in the interface section. While // this would create slimmer (and probably better) // code, I chose to put it here to force the condition // that all properties be defined as accessible. // Remember, this portion of the book describes a self// contained, touch-activated game, but we are planning // to incorporate an additional controller to access // the game controller accessory. So we want to make // the pongViewController more open to expansion and // by putting things here, in the interface, we are // acting in a more forward-looking manner. //****************************************************** // // ballSpeed - the X and Y velocity of the ball. // -- we use a CGPoint which is just a struct with two // floats (x and y) as its elements. We then just set
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Note The common value is generally not stored in any system. It is a value used to associate multiple values.
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7 4. Setting Rule Priorities
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) End While ' Get number of columns Console.WriteLine() Console.WriteLine( _ "Number of columns in a row: {0}", _ rdr.FieldCount _ ) ' Get info about each column Console.WriteLine( _ "'{0}' is at index {1} and its type is: {2}", _ rdr.GetName(0), _ rdr.GetOrdinal("contactname"), _ rdr.GetFieldType(0) _ ) Console.WriteLine( _ "'{0}' is at index {1} and its type is: {2}", _ rdr.GetName(1), _ rdr.GetOrdinal("contacttitle"), _ rdr.GetFieldType(1) _ )
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Sample Value
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WHILE...BREAK Statement
array<int>^ array_of_ints; // a 1D array of int array<double, 2>^ array_2D_of_doubles; // a 2D array of doubles array<String^>^ array_of_string_handles; // a 1D array of strings The preceding declarations produce a null handle, that is, one that doesn t point to anything. We create an array with both a long and a short form, as follows: array_name = gcnew array< type >( length ); array_name = gcnew array< type, rank>( length1, length2, ... ); The rank is the number of dimensions of the array (not the number of elements); it is optional for a one-dimensional array. Here are some examples of managed arrays: array<int>^ array_of_ints; // a 1D array of int array<double, 2>^ array_2D_of_doubles; // a 2D array of doubles // Declare and create a new 1D array of int with 100 elements. array<int>^ array_of_ints = gcnew array<int>(100); // Declare and create a 1D array of references to Strings with 4 elements. array<String^>^ array_of_strings = gcnew array<String>(4); Also, the array type is always used with the handle symbol (^). This serves as a reminder that the array references an object on the heap. However, these handles cannot be dereferenced like a pointer to get at an object. The address of the array is the address of the handle; it is not the same as the address of the first element of the array. Element access for managed arrays is done using square brackets, although for arrays of more than one dimension, commas are used as shown here: element2_2 = native_2D_array[2][2]; // native 2D array element2_2 = managed_2D_ array[2, 2]; // managed 2D array Indices are zero-based in both native and managed arrays; that is, the first index is 0 and the last is N 1 where N is the length of the array.
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