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What is meant by accessory For the purposes of this book, an accessory is defined as any external hardware device that connects to the iPhone via the dock connector at the bottom of the phone or via a Bluetooth wireless signal. In this book, to avoid confusing the reader, I will focus only on accessories that are physically connected to the iPhone by attaching at the 30-pin dock connector. I know what you re thinking. The iPhone is a portable, self-contained device which got us away from all the cables associated with keyboards, mice, game controllers, tablets, and the like. Why would you want to bring all that junk back onto your desk The answer is simple. Functionality. Adding an accessory to the iPhone adds functionality. The addition of functionality increases the usefulness of the iPhone and makes it more valuable. Many people who thought the iPhone was just a fancy phone, music player, and/or gaming device now see a real value to the device.
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Available over Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Stored delivery: messages will be delivered even if the recipient is not currently connected to the network. Large messages can be sent and received. Good support for text and binary attachments.
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public override void OnApplyTemplate() { base.OnApplyTemplate(); CorePart = (FrameworkElement)GetTemplateChild("corePart"); } GoToState(false);
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Worms are not classified as viruses. Worms spread themselves through network connections by automatically copying themselves onto other computers using the security flaws of the target computers. There is a commonly held misconception that Macs cannot be harmed by malware. However, there are indeed worms and other forms of malware that can and do affect Macs. In February 2006, OSX.Leap.A, a Mac worm, spread across the Internet over iChat and infected client computers. The distribution of OSX.Leap.A across the Internet, like many malware threats for OS X, was relatively low. But for those who were infected, the cleanup was a disaster because many applications on the infected systems were hopelessly corrupted, along with their user-specific preferences files. NOTE: Most worm threats have a payload, the malicious code or program carried out by the worm. If this payload is written in a language that a Mac cannot speak, then the payload will not be able to run, and the worm will not infect the computer. Some threats have a payload that will lie dormant until something triggers its release. A Trojan horse is malicious code embedded within a self-contained application that becomes destructive only when an infected application is opened. Trojans closely resemble viruses because both can cause damage when a file is infected. However, a virus is added to an application after the application is written, whereas a Trojan horse is written, created, and distributed as a single application for the sole purpose of getting you to open it to then allow it to do whatever it wants to with your files. Trojan horses can be used to erase files, get passwords, and send e-mail to other users. The threat to Macs here is real. iWorkServices and Jahlav are two examples of Trojans developed specifically for the Mac. Mac systems can also be carriers of Trojans designed for PC, and can very easily pass them along to PCs through filesharing and the like. A logic bomb is a threat resembling a Trojan horse, but it s architected to initiate when a specific event occurs. Logic bombs are brought into the operating system on the coattails of a virus or a worm, containing the payload that will be launched when the trigger event occurs. It is a ticking time bomb ready to go off on a scheduled date or after being resident in the operating system for a certain period of time. In some cases, programmers have been known (and have been indicted) for deploying logic bombs into their own code in order to make more work for their clients and to change the stock prices for their companies. A Backdoor is an exploitable opening within an application s code. Backdoors are usually designed for the purpose of program debugging by programmers. They re similar to Trojan horses; however, they re meant to troubleshoot bugs in programming code rather than intentionally inflict harm on a machine. Typically, they are merely forgotten entryways accidentally included with the software s final release. Firewalls can sometimes stop a Backdoor from entering the system, but usually the best way to combat these vulnerabilities is to continually update the software with any updates available from the software manufacturer.
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Most remoting systems like DCE/RPC, RMI, and J2EE demand a manual creation of so-called proxy/stub objects. The proxy encapsulates the connection to the remote object on the client and forwards calls to a stub object on the server, which in turn passes them on to the real object. In most of these environments (at least in CORBA, DCE/RPC, and DCOM) the source code for generating these objects has to be written in an abstract Interface Definition Language and precompiled to generate implementation headers for a certain programming language. In comparison to this traditional approach, .NET Remoting uses a generic proxy for all kinds of remote objects. This is possible because .NET is the first framework that has been designed with remoting in mind; on other platforms these capabilities have been retrofitted and therefore have to be integrated into the given architecture and programming model. Such ease of remoting poses the potential problem of your using an incorrect design.1 This book will help you to make the right architectural decisions. For example, even though you don t have to write any interface definitions in IDL, you still should separate interface from implementation; you can, however, write both in the same language in any .NET programming language. .NET Remoting provides several different ways of defining those interfaces, as discussed in the following sections.
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Summary of message part Name of the message part Flag indicating whether the message part contains the message body (every multipart message must have one and only one body part) Flag indicating whether the message part should be exposed via the Visual Business Analyst Tool The type defining the message part s content
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Try It Out: Handling an ADO.NET Exception (Part 1)
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The Sales.CreditCard table contains the details of credit cards. You need to total the cards of a specific type that will be expiring in a particular year. Open a New Query window in SSMSE. Enter the following query and click Execute. You should see the results shown in Figure 4-4. Use AdventureWorks Go Select CardType, ExpYear,count(CardType) AS 'Total Cards' from Sales.CreditCard Where ExpYear in (2008,2009) group by ExpYear,CardType order by CardType,ExpYear
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You implement IComparable whenever you want your type to support sorting algorithms that expect to call a comparison method between objects of the same type. IComparable is about the simplest interface you could imagine, since it only has one method, CompareTo. CompareTo takes an Object as a parameter, so you should check the type of the object to make sure that the comparison makes sense. IComparable also has a generic form. The generic form uses a typed argument instead of an untyped argument, so there s no need to check the type of the object passed in. The generic forms of these common .NET Framework interfaces were introduced in .NET 2.0 and are preferred over the nongeneric forms. Listing 9-13 is an example using the generic form of IComparable. Listing 9-13. Using Generic IComparable // message_comparable_generic.cpp using namespace System; enum class SortByEnum { SortByDate, SortByFrom, SortBySubject };
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