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Encoder Data Matrix ECC200 in Objective-C 6: Application Signing and Sandbox

Figure 3 22. Map with Value Mapping (Flattening) functoid Listing 3 3. Output Document Using the Value Mapping (Flattening) Functoid <ns0:Company xmlns:ns0="http://UsingValueMappingFunctoids.Company"> <Employees> <Employee> <Name>Jonesy</Name> <Name>Scott</Name> </Employee> </Employees> </ns0:Company>
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Figure 5 37. Setting the correlation set properties 6. Right-click the Send to CRM shape in the orchestration, and select Properties. In the Properties window, set the Initializing Correlation Sets property to ServiceIDCorrelation, as shown in Figure 5 38.
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Figure 16-2. Locating your application s XAP file
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The reason for this is simple: increased availability. If you design your application correctly, then it is possible to take nodes offline from your cluster without affecting a single running client. All future requests will then be handled by the remaining node(s). This allows you to install new versions of your application or service packs or even update operating systems without taking your application offline. After you ve finished administrative work on one node, you allow it to join the cluster again; you can then proceed to take the next node offline.
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You can see from Figure 4-8 that the CleanNUnit target was executed automatically and that your files were successfully deleted as expected. Using this method, since a custom target is being executed, you can perform any necessary steps, even break into custom tasks for more complicated steps if necessary. We have now covered all the necessary bases to extend MSBuild to perform all the steps your application requires and to do it nicely.
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Figure 25-6. You can save any presentation as a Flash animation, which can be played back
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private void CreateTrackingParticipant() { _tracking = new ListBoxTrackingParticipant(this.lstEvents) { TrackingProfile = new TrackingProfile() { Name = "ListBoxTrackingProfile", Queries = { // For instance data, only track the started // and completed events new WorkflowInstanceQuery() { States = { WorkflowInstanceStates.Started, WorkflowInstanceStates.Completed }, }, // For bookmark data, only track the GetAssignment event new BookmarkResumptionQuery() { Name = "GetAssignment" }, // For activity data, track all states of the InvokeMethod new ActivityStateQuery() { ActivityName = "InvokeMethod", States = { "*" }, }, // For User data, track all events new CustomTrackingQuery() { Name = "*", ActivityName = "*" } } } }; } private void CreateETWTrackingParticipant() { _etwTracking = new EtwTrackingParticipant() { TrackingProfile = new TrackingProfile() { Name = "EtwTrackingProfile", Queries = { new CustomTrackingQuery()
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Here are some of the advantages of using the presentation model:
Installing the Database Administration Module
11. After modifying the code, switch back to Design view. You will see the page in Design mode as shown in Figure 15-16. 12. Now open Input.aspx in your browser. You should see output similar to what is shown in Figure 15-17.
Recommendation: Understand When Currying Is Useful in Functional Programming APIs
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