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In this chapter, you learned about the web technology ASP .NET. You also learned about the various types of web sites you can create in Visual Studio 2008. You saw how to work with the Split view feature to save you time in development. You now also have an understanding of the importance of Master Pages, and how to create them and allocate Master Pages to existing web pages and newly created web pages. In the next chapter, you will see how to handle exceptions.
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applications of symbolic programming techniques in the industrial arena. The verifications performed here aim to give you a taste of how symbolic techniques can provide nontrivial results about circuits in a matter of seconds. We ve omitted some simple techniques that can make these verifications scale to very large circuits; for example, we expand equivalence nodes in propositional formulae. Preserving them can lead to smaller symbolic descriptions and more efficient processing with BDDs.
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' Set up insert statement Dim sqlins As String = _ "insert into employees " _ & "( " _ & " firstname, " _ & " lastname " _ & ") " _ & "values('@fname', '@lname')" ' Set up delete statement Dim sqldel As String = _ "delete from employees " _ & "where " _ & " firstname = '@fname' " _ & " and " _ & " lastname = '@lname' "
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JMS stands for Java Message Service and is the Java EE API for exchanging data with messaging platforms. As such, it is not a remoting mechanism in the same sense as the others mentioned in this section of the chapter, but messages sent and received via JMS can be used to invoke and provide services. Any messaging platform for which JMS drivers exist is supported by Spring, including commercial systems such as IBM WebSphere MQ and Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ). There is also a reference implementation in Java. The major advantage of JMS over the other mechanisms is that it provides support (and this in turn is often supported by the underlying platforms) for two-phase commit via JTA to tie operations such as database operations atomically to messaging operations.
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Flex and AIR: Taking Applications to the Desktop
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you will have a tedious job of reassigning those posts. It would be nice if someone wrote a plug-in to allow mass assignment of categories to posts.
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Shows the session ID, request type, time of request, status code, and request/response encoding for the request Shows the various page life-cycle events and the time spent on processing each Shows each server control and its type, render size, view state size, and control state size in a parent-child tree Shows the various keys, their associated values, and their types defined in the page s session state Shows the various keys, their associated values, and their types defined in the server s application state Shows the name/value/size of each cookie Shows the name and value of each page header Shows the name and value for the server response Shows the various server variables and their values at the time of processing
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public static void AddAuthenticationEntry(String urlBase, String userName, String password) { _entries.Add(new UrlAuthenticationEntry( urlBase,userName,password)); } public static void SetDefaultAuthenticationEntry(String userName, String password) { _defaultAuthenticationEntry = new UrlAuthenticationEntry( null,userName,password); } internal static UrlAuthenticationEntry GetAuthenticationEntry(String url) { foreach (UrlAuthenticationEntry entr in _entries) { // check if a registered entry matches the url-parameter if (url.ToUpper().StartsWith(entr.UrlBase)) { return entr; } } // if none matched, return the default entry (which can be null as well) return _defaultAuthenticationEntry; } } } The sink itself calls a method that checks if an authentication entry exists for the URL of the current message. It then walks the chain of sinks until reaching the final transport channel sink, on which is set the properties that contain the correct username and password. It finally sets a flag for this object s sink so that this logic will be applied only once per sink chain. The complete source for this sink can be found in Listing 13-18. Listing 13-18. The UrlAuthenticationSink using using using using System; System.Runtime.Remoting.Channels; System.Runtime.Remoting.Messaging; System.IO;
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You get to the File Sharing interface by highlighting the server container in the Server Admin List, then clicking on File Sharing. Here, you can browse your file systems or share points and assign both POSIX and ACL permissions. Server Admin is a great tool for modifying POSIX, but it groups read and execute privileges under a single Read selection. You can modify POSIX owners and groups by dragging them into the respective slots and then choosing the appropriate level of permission for each. To create ACLs for users and groups, drag them into the ACL list and apply appropriate permissions. Apple has several basic presets for you to use: Full Control, Read & Write, Read Only, Write Only, and Custom. The company also provides numerous fine-grained access writes in four main categories: Administration, Read, Write, and Inheritance. To modify granular permissions, highlight the ACL, then click on the pencil below. Here are breakdowns of the categories:
While the TcpChannel class implements both the client- and the server-side part of the channel, this implementation can be used on clients only. In configuration files, it is used together with the <clientProviders> part for configuration of the message sinks and formatters of the channel. Usage example: TcpClientChannel channel = new TcpClientChannel("My Tcp Channel", null); ChannelServices.RegisterChannel(channel); Configuration example: <configuration> <system.runtime.remoting> <application name="FirstServer"> <channels> <channel ref="tcp" /> </channels> <client> <wellknown type="General.IRemoteFactory, General" url="tcp://localhost:1234/MyServer.rem" /> </client> </application> </system.runtime.remoting> </configuration>
OpenSSL 0.9.8k 25 Mar 2009
In 15, we discuss two standards for communicating with content management systems: the Java Content Repository API and the WebDAV protocol. We create a portlet that uses the WebDAV protocol to integrate with a content management system. In this chapter, we use the open source WebDAV client library from the Apache Slide project to build our portlet.
SoapClientFormatterSink IMessageSink
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