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Each method receives a request object and a response object tailored to its function. In each case, the request represents the state of the session for the user, and the response object allows the method to interact with the portlet s response. The RenderRequest object will not generally need to change the state of the underlying portlet application, so it provides the portlet with the information necessary to produce a view of it in its current state. Specifically, these include The state of the portlet window (minimized, maximized, etc.) The mode of the portlet (e.g., VIEW mode) The context of the portlet The session associated with the portlet (including authorization information) The preferences information associated with the portlet Any render parameters that have been set on a render URL from a posted Form, or that have been set during the processAction() method The ActionRequest object represents an opportunity to change the state of the portlet based on its current state, so this provides everything offered by the PortletRequest along with direct access to the content of the HTTP request made by the user of the portal. Note that ActionRequest and RenderRequest are both interfaces, so it is the responsibility of the container to provide concrete implementation classes giving access to the appropriate information To respond to processAction() the portlet should update its ActionResponse object. This provides methods to
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Figure D-2. Kubuntu 8.04 featuring the KDE 4 desktop.
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Deleting Data
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When <serverProviders> has been specified in the configuration file, the sink chain will be created from those values, and none of those default sink providers will be used.
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In this chapter, we ve looked at what threats your system faces and how security holes can be exploited by malicious interests. You learned about measures you can take to protect your system, such as updating it online, using AppArmor to guard against errant applications, configuring the system s firewall, using encryption for e-mail and file privacy and authentication, installing an antivirus program, and customizing web browser security. We also discussed some common-sense rules you can follow to keep your system safe. In the next chapter, we move on to looking at how your Ubuntu system can be personalized and how to set up everything to suit your own preferences.
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The JdbcDaoSupport class requires a DataSource to be provided, so this must be configured first. For this example, we will use a DriverManagerDataSource, which is a simple wrapper to allow a basic DataSource implementation to be created by injecting the Connection properties directly. Listing 4-8 shows the configuration of a data source for an in-memory HSQL database (an embedded Java database that runs within the same JVM as your application logic).
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public PortletConfig getPortletConfig()
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CHAPTER 4: Wireless Messaging
Note The shape of an XML document refers to its element names, attribute names, and nesting of its hierarchy.
sudo nano /private/etc/openldap/slapd.conf
after being held down over the control.
or enabled as appropriate, and numerous additional facilities allow you to apply other tests to the method calls, their parameters, and their return values.
Calls are nonblocking and therefore resources are not held up. Asynchronous communication and events go well together and help create loosely coupled systems. This type of communication allows clean separation of duties: the call invoker and the response receiver could be different entities. The sequence in which calls are issued, or their linearity, have little significance, and so there is usually no need to queue calls.
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