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Figure 19-15. Selecting the InvalidProgramException Drag a WriteLine activity onto the Catch section and enter the Text property as Custom 3.5 activity threw an exception . The completed TryCatch activity should look like the one shown in Figure 19-16.
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Null Values
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select col1, col2, count(*) from t1 group by col1, col2 ; SINGLE TABLE ACCESS PATH TABLE: T1 ORIG CDN: 5000 ROUNDED CDN: 5000 CMPTD CDN: 5000 Access path: tsc Resc: 3 Resp: 3 BEST_CST: 3.00 PATH: 2 Degree: 1 Grouping column cardinality [ COL1] 25 Grouping column cardinality [ COL2] 71 *************************************** GENERAL PLANS *********************** Join order[1]: T1[T1]#0 GROUP BY sort GROUP BY cardinality: 1256, TABLE cardinality: 5000 SORT resource Sort statistics Sort width: 58 Area size: 208896 Max Area size: 10485760 Degree: 1 Blocks to Sort: 10 Row size: 15 Rows: 5000 Initial runs: 1 Merge passes: 1 IO Cost / pass: 19 Total IO sort cost: 11 Total CPU sort cost: 0 Total Temp space used: 0 Best so far: TABLE#: 0 CST: 14 CDN: 5000 BYTES: 20000 Total Temp space used: 0 The first thing to note is the GROUP BY cardinality information. The optimizer has picked up the num_distinct values for col1 and col2 separately in the single-table access details, and used them to produce a grouping cardinality in the general plans section. But how do you get 1,256 from 25 and 71 Answer multiply them together and divide by the square root of 2 (1,256 = 24 * 71 / 1.4142). And in general, the optimizer estimates the number of distinct combinations of N columns by multiplying the individual num_distinct values, and then dividing by the square root of 2 (N 1) times. As a sanity check, the optimizer compares this with the number of rows in the table, and reports the lower of the two values as the cardinality of the result set. In 9i (and with the default value of _new_sort_cost_estimate unchanged), this has a knock-on effect on the cost. Earlier on in the chapter, I pointed out that you will often see that the Total IO sort cost is (Blocks to Sort + IO Cost per pass) / 2: in this example this would be (10 + 19) / 2, which would be reported as 15. But the Total IO sort cost is reported as 11. Something has changed. (In 8i, and allowing for the small changes due to rounding errors, etc., you would see the equivalent of 15 as the total I/O sort cost.) The difference is interesting from 9i onwards, the cost has been adjusted to allow for the fact that the number of rows returned by the query is less than the total number of rows in the
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The next block of the implementation creates two new bean definitions for the transport implementation classes. This is metadata about the implementations, not instances of the implementations themselves. We declare that two beans should be available from the factory, we specify the implementation classes that define them, and we specify that they are both singletons (the second parameter of the RootBeanDefinition constructor). Multiple calls to the factory s getBean() method for the bean named smtp will only ever return one instance of the SmtpImpl class: bf.registerBeanDefinition("smtp", new RootBeanDefinition(SmtpImpl.class,true)); bf.registerBeanDefinition("soap", new RootBeanDefinition(SoapImpl.class,true)); We then configure two bean definitions for one implementation class. These are configured similarly but not identically: BeanDefinitionBuilder builder = null; builder = BeanDefinitionBuilder. rootBeanDefinition(LooselyCoupled.class); builder = builder.setSingleton(true); builder = builder.addConstructorArgReference("smtp"); bf.registerBeanDefinition("looseSmtp",builder.getBeanDefinition()); Both are definitions for the LooselyCoupled class, both are defined as singletons, but the constructors are defined as taking different bean definitions for their parameters: builder = BeanDefinitionBuilder. rootBeanDefinition(LooselyCoupled.class); builder = builder.setSingleton(true); builder = builder.addConstructorArgReference("soap"); bf.registerBeanDefinition("looseSoap",builder.getBeanDefinition()); I have chosen my wording carefully here. We have not passed anything to the constructor of the class; we have merely specified the definitions of these beans (looseSmtp and looseSoap) in terms of the named definitions of the earlier smtp and soap beans:
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In the previous example we re exporting a share point of the folder Mule to the IP address Volumes/SharedData/Mule, the full path of the export, is the information you re looking for. The Mule directory, in our installation, is hosted on and we can access the directory (but only from using nfs:// This is what you enter into the Server Address text box of the Connect to Server dialog, as shown in Figure 4-3. Provided you re using the system at this IP address, when you click the Connect button you ll instantly connect to the volume. Notice the lack of a password. This is because NFS relies on IP addresses rather than user-namepassword combinations to determine who can access data stored on the shares it provides.
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You can turn a file into an on-demand sequence of results using a sequence builder: open System.IO let readEmployees (fileName : string) = seq { use reader = File.OpenText fileName while not reader.EndOfStream do yield reader.ReadLine() |> parseEmployee } The following example takes the first three entries from an artificially generated file containing 10,000 copies of the same employee: > File.WriteAllLines("employees.txt", Array.create 10000 line);; val it : unit > let firstThree = readEmployees("employees.txt") |> Seq.take 3;; val firstThree : (string * string * System.DateTime * string) list > for (last,first,startDate,title) in firstThree do printfn "%s %s started on %A" first last startDate;; John Smith started on 20/01/1986 00:00:00 John Smith started on 20/01/1986 00:00:00 John Smith started on 20/01/1986 00:00:00 This technique is often used to do exploratory analysis of large data files. After the algorithm is refined using a prefix of the data, the analysis can then easily be run directly over the full data file.
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Contact lists are simply lists of e-mail addresses. Once a list is created, you can rightclick its entry in the contacts list, and then choose to send a message to the list or forward it to someone else as a vCard. The obvious use of contact lists is for sending group e-mail messages.
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The other method is useful if you need to determine whether there is a current
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Close Interface Builder and Xcode, and do as the name of the project says, delete it. You ve seen that Xcode is geared towards using an application delegate that it creates for you and is loaded by the main nib file. You ve now covered the third and fourth parameters in your call to UIApplicationMain and that set them to nil; more specifically, the main() program created by Xcode sets them to nil by default. What if you don t want to do it this way A couple better questions to ask would be: (1) When would you not want to do it this way and (2) How would you do it differently
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Figure 8-11. The XSane program works a little like TWAIN drivers under Windows and makes
private function zoomIn():void { sphereExample.zoomIn(); } private function zoomOut():void { sphereExample.zoomOut(); }
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