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CHAPTER 6: Coding a Pong Game
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NOTE: Instead of enumerating the address you will bind to, you can also simply look at the IP address or hostname of your LDAP server as well.
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public IMessage SyncProcessMessage(IMessage msg) { if (msg as IMethodCallMessage != null) { LogicalCallContext lcc = (LogicalCallContext) msg.Properties["__CallContext"]; lcc.SetData("priority",Thread.CurrentThread.Priority); return _nextMsgSink.SyncProcessMessage(msg); } else { return _nextMsgSink.SyncProcessMessage(msg); } } The same has to be done for AsyncProcessMessage() as well. public IMessageCtrl AsyncProcessMessage(IMessage msg, IMessageSink replySink) { if (msg as IMethodCallMessage != null) { LogicalCallContext lcc = (LogicalCallContext) msg.Properties["__CallContext"]; lcc.SetData("priority",Thread.CurrentThread.Priority); return _nextMsgSink.AsyncProcessMessage(msg,replySink); } else { return _nextMsgSink.AsyncProcessMessage(msg,replySink); } } On the server side, you have to implement an IServerChannelSink to take the call context from the IMessage object and set Thread.CurrentThread.Priority to the contained value. public ServerProcessing ProcessMessage(IServerChannelSinkStack sinkStack, IMessage requestMsg, ITransportHeaders requestHeaders, Stream requestStream, out IMessage responseMsg, out ITransportHeaders responseHeaders, out Stream responseStream) { LogicalCallContext lcc = (LogicalCallContext) requestMsg.Properties["__CallContext"]; // storing the current priority ThreadPriority oldprio = Thread.CurrentThread.Priority;
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Drupal has an access system that determines what content a site visitor is allowed to see and which actions that visitor is allowed to execute. When visitors attempt so see content that they are not entitled to see or execute an action for which they do not have the necessary permissions, Drupal returns a page with the HTTP header 403 Access denied. The default behavior is to print a page that says Access denied You are not authorized to access this page. If you want to elaborate on this or present a different message, you can do so by creating a Drupal page and entering the Drupal path to that page in the Default 403 (Access Denied) Page field.
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Notice how you define the namespace and use it as shown previously:
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Figure 14-2. The file permissions part of a file listing can be broken down into four
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ref struct Base { virtual void F(int i) { /* method body */} }; ref class Derived sealed : Base { public: virtual void F(int i) override { /* method body */ } };
and string pos s = parse | "\\" ('"' | 'n' | 'r' | 't') { let s' = s + (match lexeme lexbuf with | "\\\"" -> "\"" | "\\n" -> "\n" | "\\r" -> "\r" | "\\t" -> "\t" | "\\\\" -> "\\" | _ -> "") string pos s' lexbuf } | "\"" { s } | "\n" { lexbuf.EndPos <- lexbuf.EndPos.NextLine string pos (s + "\n") lexbuf } | eof { failwithf "end of file in string started at or near %A" pos } | _ { string pos (s + (lexeme lexbuf)) lexbuf } Comment processing begins when you encounter (* in the token rule. When the closing *) is encountered, you exit one invocation of the comment rule. The idea is that you deal with nested comments by recursively applying the lexer when a nested comment is reached. Note the double invocation of comment lexbuf for nested comment delimiters: once to tokenize the comment that belongs to the opener and again to tokenize the rest of the enclosing comment. There are also two further matches within the comment rule. If you hit the end of the source stream, you have an unterminated comment, and you raise an exception; in every other case, you move forward inside the comment. In the example, strings are also handled by a separate lexer rule string that is invoked by the token lexer when you encounter the double-quote character. This rule takes two parameters: the string consumed so far and the start position of the string. The latter is used to report a nicer error for an unterminated string (you could also use this technique for the matching case for comments). You can also check whether you have an escaped character in the input. If so, you append the appropriate escape sequence to the string already accumulated and advance the current position. Upon encountering the closing character, you return the overall string. An imperative System.Text.StringBuffer object can also be used to accumulate the string, which is more efficient if strings get very long.
public override bool ReadAttributeValue() { if (intColumnIndex < reader.FieldCount) { strValue = reader.GetValue(intColumnIndex).ToString(); return true; } else { return false; } } The ReadAttributeValue() method returns the value of the current column. It does so by using the GetValue() method of the OleDbDataReader class as before.
Figure 5 43. Capturing delivery failure exceptions
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