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Because a portlet container is permitted to store information about the state of its portlets in the URL used to invoke a page, a simple portlet can have a surprisingly complicated URL which has no obvious correlation with the URL it occupies on initialization. Because of this, a relative URL like images/postnewmsg.gif cannot be used to reference resources such as images that are not a part of the portlet itself. You might think that you could work out what the real URL would be, but since the mechanism used is not mandated by the standard, there s no guarantee that your solution would work on another platform. To illustrate the mess this can make of your URL, the image mentioned if rendered as a relative URL from the viewForum.jsp page in Pluto could end up as (with line breaks introduced to fit it on the page):
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In this example, multiple types of plane flight reservations are consolidated into a single list of records capturing passengers and their associated seats. The XML snippet in Listing 3 16 represents one possible instance of the source schema. Listing 3 16. Source Schema Instance for the Looping Functoid Example <ns0:PassengerReservations xmlns:ns0="http://LoopingFunctoid.PassengerReservations"> <FlightNumber>666</FlightNumber> <OnlineReservation> <Name>Lucifer Smith</Name> <Seat>13A</Seat> <Website></Website> <Confirmed>True</Confirmed> </OnlineReservation> <OnlineReservation> <Name>Beelzebub Walker, Jr.</Name> <Seat>13B</Seat> <Website></Website> <Confirmed>False</Confirmed> </OnlineReservation> <TravelAgentReservation> <PassengerName>Jim Diablo</PassengerName> <Seat>13C</Seat> <AgentName>Sunny Rodriguez</AgentName> </TravelAgentReservation> <AirlineReservation> <Name>Imin Trouble</Name> <Seat>13D</Seat> <BookingDesk>Chicago</BookingDesk> </AirlineReservation> </ns0:PassengerReservations> Based on this source XML, the looping map displayed in Figure 3 35 will produce the XML document shown in Listing 3 17, containing a single passenger seat assignment list. Listing 3 17. Destination Schema Instance for the Looping Functoid Example <ns0:Manifest FlightNumber="666" xmlns:ns0="http://LoopingFunctoid.Manifest"> <Passenger Name="Lucifer Smith" SeatNumber="13A" /> <Passenger Name="Beelzebub Walker, Jr." SeatNumber="13B" /> <Passenger Name="Jim Diablo" SeatNumber="13C" /> <Passenger Name="Imin Trouble" SeatNumber="13D" /> </ns0:Manifest> This example displays a simplistic but useful scenario in which the Looping functoid can be used. Essentially, this functoid iterates over the specified repeating source records (all those with a link to the left side of the functoid), similar to the For...Each structure in coding languages, and maps the desired elements to a single repeating record type in the destination schema.
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CHAPTER 8: Digging in Deep
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Figure 8-4. Properties of serviceProcessInstaller Now, let s look at serviceInstaller1. Two important properties of serviceInstaller worth mentioning are DisplayName , which appears in the Windows service control to help identify the service, and StartType, which defines how the service should start when Windows is booted. The default choice of StartType is Manual, but in most cases, you ll want to set it to Automatic. Setting it to Automatic guarantees that the service will run every time Windows runs. Figure 8-5 shows the available properties.
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In this case, you are probably enabling a calendar for a local user. Make sure you are using an OD-based user and see if you get the same error. Likewise, you can navigate to the user calendar URI in a web browser:
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You have separate tasks to accomplish in an orchestration that must all succeed or fail together. These tasks may take a long time to complete.
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Imaging environments often reflect the maturity level of your infrastructure. In the beginning, you may be creating a large image with all of your software and automations included in the image. Over time you ll likely create an image and then move into more of a package-based deployment to supplement the image, perhaps going so far as to move to a bare metal image with full package management layered on top.
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public void foo() { Connection c = ConnectionFactory.getConnection(); PreparedStatement ps = c.prepareStatement("..."); ... } Alternatively we could do this by supplying the connection object to any classes that need to use it, as shown in Listing 1-3.
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A typed table is a collection (of type System.Data.Dlinq.Table(Of T)) whose elements are of a specific type. The GetTable method of the data context specifies the data context to access and where to put the results. Here, you got all the rows (but only four columns) from the Customers table and the data context created an object for each row in the customers typed table.
Managing Lifetime One point that can lead to a bit of confusion is the way an object s lifetime is managed in the .NET Remoting framework. Common .NET objects are managed using a garbage collection algorithm that checks if any other object is still using a given instance. If not, the instance will be garbage collected and disposed. If you would apply a similar scheme to remote objects, it would mean to ping the client-side proxies to ensure that they are still using the objects and that the application is still running. This is mainly what DCOM did. The reason for this is that normally a client that has been closed unexpectedly or went offline due to a network outage might not have decremented the serverside reference counter. Without some additional measure, these server-side objects would in turn use the server s resources forever. Unfortunately, when your client is behind an HTTP proxy and is accessing your objects using SOAP remoting, the server will not be able to contact the client in any way. This constraint leads to a new kind of lifetime service: the lease-based object lifetime. Basically this means that each server-side object is associated with a lease upon creation. This lease will have a time-to-live counter (which starts at five minutes by default) that is decremented in certain intervals. In addition to the initial time, a defined amount (two minutes in the default configuration) is added to this time to live upon every method call a client places on the remote object. When this time reaches zero, the framework looks for any sponsors registered with this lease. A sponsor is an object running on the server itself, the client, or any machine reachable via a network that will take a call from the .NET Remoting framework asking whether an object s lifetime should be renewed or not (more on this in 6). When the sponsor decides that the lease will not be renewed or when the framework is unable to contact any of the registered sponsors, the object is marked as timed out and will be subject to garbage collection. When a client still has a reference to a timed-out object and calls a method on it, it will receive an exception. To change the default lease times, you can override InitializeLifetimeService() in the MarshalByRefObject. In the following example, you see how to change the previous CAO sample to implement a different lifetime of only ten milliseconds for this object. Normally LeaseManager only polls all leases every ten seconds, so you have to change this polling interval as well. using System.Runtime.Remoting.Lifetime namespace Server { class MyRemoteObject: MarshalByRefObject, IRemoteObject {
Figure 10-3. The project after adding the dataset and ReportViewer
For the purposes of illustration, we will pick BlazeDS as the data service and choose JBoss Application Server (AS) as the Java application server. If the data service is LCDS and the application server is any other, such as Apache Tomcat, BEA WebLogic, IBM WebSphere, Apache Geronimo, Caucho Resin, or GlassFish, the situation is not very different. Each of these application servers has its own directory structure and styles of deployment. Deploying BlazeDS or LCDS involves the same level of complexity as deploying any other Java web application packaged as a WAR. Adobe Labs has published some notes on the specific installation instructions for a few of the popular application servers. These notes are online at The first step is to get all the required software and to install it.
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