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Figure 6-25. Location of PackageMaker
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This private method processes a buffer containing the contents of a robots.txt file and adds forbidden URLs to the appropriate list. The link for the robots.txt file is required to convert the relative disallowed paths into absolute URLs:
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Slow keys: This feature controls the reaction rate of keys. By moving the Delay slider to the left, the reaction rate of the keys becomes faster. By moving the slider to the right, the reaction rate of the keys becomes slower, to the point that you would need to hold the key for certain amount of time for it to be considered as a key press. This has obvious uses for people with limited dexterity in their fingers.
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Request Attributes
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double GetHalfLife(); }; ref class RadioactiveAtom : Atom, IRadioactive { double half_life; void UpdateHalfLife() { // ... }
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Use the Edit Notification Settings to configure Xsan to send SAN administrators e-mail updates (we recommend triggering alerts when the volume reaches 75 percent of capacity). Use Edit Failover Priority to add or remove MDCs or just change their priority. Use the Force Failover to test failover between MDCs and use Start and Stop to Start and Stop the volume. When you created the volume, Xsan automatically started and mounted it on the metadata controller. You ve now completed the volume set up and can move on to adding computers that can see the volume.
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In the configuration file, it s important that you don t specify an application name, as this property will be automatically determined by the name of the virtual directory.
The first order of business is to gain an understanding of the current language setting for your browser. This setting will determine how the content you view on websites will be handled with regard to language and cultural differences.
It is certainly possible to set MCX settings from the command line. To access this functionality, the dscl tool is used. dscl has numerous commands, such as mcxread, mcxset, mcxedit, mcxexport, and mcximport. Using these commands you can fully manipulate mcx settings programmatically. For example, you can use mcxset to set a very basic value:
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