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tool. This will cause the path to disappear. To get rid of a selection, using any selection tool, quickly click once on the image, being careful not to drag the mouse while doing so.
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Note You might be wondering why we referenced the EmployeeServer in the client application when it
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Figure 6-1. Connecting after creating a command
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The Database Administration (dba) module allows you to view, edit, repair, and create backups for your Drupal database, all from within the administrator s web interface. It is a practical and convenient way to run SQL queries and view the results. It can also be used to import the database definitions for new modules, possibly saving you a trip to another application or command-line tool.
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// Saves the current component configuration into the property bag. object val = (object)m_propname; WritePropertyBag(propertyBag, m_propbagkey_customproprop, val); val = (object)m_propnamespace; WritePropertyBag(propertyBag, m_propbagkey_custompropropnamespace, val); } private static object ReadPropertyBag(IPropertyBag propertyBag , string propertyName) { // Reads property value from property bag. object val = null; try { propertyBag.Read(propertyName, out val, 0); } catch(ArgumentException) { return val; } catch(Exception ex) { throw new ApplicationException(ex.Message); } return val; } private static void WritePropertyBag(IPropertyBag propertyBag , string propertyName, object val) { // Writes property values into a property bag. try { propertyBag.Write(propertyName, ref val); } catch(Exception ex) { throw new ApplicationException(ex.Message); } } #endregion
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The Environment
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I mentioned earlier on that there are two different types of histogram, referred to by Oracle as the frequency histogram and the height balanced histogram. We will examine the frequency histogram first, as it is much simpler to deal with. The script c_skew_freq.sql in the online
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As can be seen by the output, the user is prompted for a password, the image file mySecureData.sparseimage is assigned device of /dev/disk3, and is mounted at path /Volumes/mySecureData.
<CategoryDataset>, and the children of the root element are <Series> XML elements. The <Series> elements contain one more <Item> element. For an example, see the
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