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As illustrated by the OwnerDrawButton control example, the structure of a graphic control tends to assume the form of a finite state automaton. Events received by the control make the automaton change its internal state, usually causing an update of its actual display. A well-known model that describes this structure is the Model-View-Controller design pattern. As shown in Figure 11-5, the model organizes a graphical element (either an application or a single control) into three parts: the model, the view, and the controller.
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In this chapter, we discussed the overall architecture of WSRP including producers , and consumers. Your Java portlets will be compatible with WSRP, so developers should focus on architectural and design considerations when using WSRP. The portlet container can automatically make these available to WSRP consumers, so application syndication becomes an administrative task, not a development project. We covered some of the markup limitations portlet developers need to take into account. WSRP is not the only kind of application syndication, and we discussed common application syndication issues. These included user information, SSO, and branding.
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3. Select the FirstName column, right-click, and select the Rename option. Rename the FirstName column to EmployeesFirstName. 4. Now exit from SQL Server Management Studio Express by selecting File Exit. 5. Switch to the 20 solution and then run the EntityModel project. The Employees Detail form should load. Click the Get Employees button; this raises an exception window with the message CommandExecutionException was unhandled. Click View Detail located under Actions. 6. The View Detail dialog box opens. Expand the exception to see the exception details. If you look at InnerException, you will see a message that indicates the cause of this exception, and that is because you have just renamed the FirstName and LastName database columns. The exception details should appear as shown in Figure 20-12.
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In this section, you will explore how to work with launchers and choosers from within your application. You will use PhoneNumberChooserTask and SmsComposeTask to create an application that selects a contact from the shared list of contacts on the phone and then composes a text message to that contact s phone.
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As this shows, if you provide the correct password, the dscl utility will exit with a 0 status and will return you directly to your shell prompt with no feedback. This indicates a successful authentication. If authentication is not successful, you will be greeted with an eDSAuthFailed error:
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Listing 13-10 shares a common structure with many of the other message-processing components you see in this chapter, all of which are state machines. This general structure is as follows:
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11. Scroll down to the Initial Catalog property and enter northwind. Then click OK. When you return to the Add Connection window, click Test Connection. A message box should appear telling you that the test connection succeeded. Click OK to close it. Then click OK to save the connection. A northwnd.mdf node appears in Database Explorer. Expand the node and you ll see the nodes in Figure 2-30, which are similar to the ones shown in Figure 2-12 for SSMSE.
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Connect to the Internet Read and write files Access locally stored crypto keys
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Understanding ADO.NET
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Working with F# Objects and .NET Types
You ll rarely ever distribute a library by itself. Instead, you typically will bundle a library with one or more applications. There are several benefits to doing this. It allows you to encapsulate functions and separate them from the application. If you have multiple apps that need to decode videos, then rather than writing video decoding functions and copying them to both apps, you could just place those functions within a library. When you fix bugs or add new video formats to decode, you only need to update the library. Libraries can also be useful for performing simple tasks that don t require user interaction. You might use a library that scans for temporary files left behind by your main app and cleans them up, or that tells the device to start your application when the user receives a particular email.
Note Remember, clustered indexes hold the data, and not pointers to the data. However, in this instance,
Now that you have started specifying some parameters for msbuild.exe, you may be interested in what other options are available. Table 2-3 summarizes those options. Table 2-3. msbuild.exe Command-Line Parameters
CHAPTER 6: Coding a Pong Game
Choosing a Format
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