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Writing Elements
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grouping and aggregation operations within the expression syntax. However, at the time of writing, it s necessary to explicitly use operators such as Seq.sortBy and Seq.groupBy for these operations.
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What is firmware Essentially, firmware is software that doesn t go away. The processor typically contains onboard memory that will hold the functional software. This memory is non-volatile, meaning that its contents do not disappear when power is removed. Another name for this memory is ROM read-only memory. You may also hear it referred to as flash memory. NOTE: I refer to the software stored inside your accessory as firmware because it stays in the processor s memory even when power is removed. Inside your accessory, there will be a processor, very similar to the processor in the iPhone itself or the CPU that runs your computer. Because the needs of the accessory are small it may only do a couple functions the processor will be small. More specifically, the processor will have minimal functionality. It may operate at much slower speeds than typical CPUs. It will have fewer connections to the outside world. It will be physically small. It will draw very little power. Most importantly, it will be inexpensive in order to keep the accessory s manufacturing costs reasonable. Part 3 concludes with a section outlining the other issues surrounding the development of your accessory. Here, the appearance of your product is discussed, where and how to get the tools needed for development, parts sources, business issues, and all the other things you might need or want to know.
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In the following statement: select orderid,employeeid,customerid,orderdate,shipcountry into #myorder from orders you define the SELECT list, the INTO clause with a table name prefixed by #, and then the FROM clause. This means that you want to retrieve all the specified columns from the Orders table and insert them into the #myorder table. Even though you write the query in Northwind, the #myorder table gets created inside tempdb because of the prefixed # symbol (see Figure 5-7).
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It is very important to set the TITLE before saving a note; if you fail to specify one, a PIMException will be thrown. This is different from required fields in other PIMItem objects, which provide a default value if none is specified.
In the main method, we provide a principal name (username) and password. We then invoke setKerberosSystemProperties() to specify Kerberos configuration values. These could equally well be provided on the command line or extracted from a properties file, but for the sake of clarity we re setting them explicitly in the code. First, we specify the location of the configuration file to use:
Performing the Updates
CHAPTER 13: File Services
Log Level: The verbosity with which you want the iCal server to trap
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