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Defines the schema to apply to any header included in the flat file message. Specifies if the flat file header should be stored in the message context (properties). The message context contains metadata about the message and is attached to the message throughout its lifetime in BizTalk Server. Specifies if the flat file disassembler should attempt to recover from errors occurring during message processing. Defines the schema to apply to any trailer included in the flat file message. Specifies if the configured schemas (document, header, and trailer schemas) should be used to validate their respective message parts (document, header, and trailer, respectively).
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One way to use the System.Diagnostic methods for debugging/tracing in orchestrations is to wrap the logging code in an If statement and create a TraceFlag that can be set in a configuration file, such as the BTSNTSvc.exe.config file in the root BizTalk Program Files folder. Here is an entry you could add to the BTNTSvc.exe.config file: <add key=" TraceFlag" value="true"/> Listing 10 1 demonstrates how to retrieve the TraceFlag and, based on its value, log information. Listing 10 1. Configurable Trace Flag // set the trace flag based on a value stored in the BizTalk Config File // note that blnTraceFlag must be defined in the orchestration variables
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Let s take a look at how the code works, starting with the Imports statements:
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account or username because the principal may identify a particular system, a user, a process, or any other logical entity to which authorization and authentication may be applied. For most purposes in this chapter, however, you can think of the principal as being synonymous with user account.
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CHAPTER 4: Wireless Messaging
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How It Works
Press F5 to debug the service. Because this is a web service, Visual Studio automatically starts the WCF Test Client. This is a very handy utility. It loads the web service and discovers the methods that are provided. They are listed in the left pane, as shown in Figure 10-10.
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