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The web.xml Deployment Descriptor
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CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
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Showing Time Elapsed in the Media Player
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public void removeAttribute(String name) public void removeAttribute(String name, int scope)
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This area deals with how SQL Server executes T-SQL code within SSMS, and the options available here are shown in Figure 2-20. We go through those options relevant to someone learning SQL Server when creating a database in 3. The only two options not covered in that chapter that you should know are the following: Suppress Provider Message Headers: Status messages about the query that is running will not show the data provider. Therefore, by selecting this option, you will be suppressing the data provider for SQL Server being displayed (.NET SqlClient Data Provider). Disconnect After the Query Executes: After your query has completed, disconnect the connection. This is ideal for situations where you have a limited number of connections or you want to keep the connection count down.
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How It Works
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Finally, you set the data adapter s DeleteCommand property with the command to delete from the Employees table so it will be the SQL the data adapter executes when you call its Update method. You then called Update() on the data adapter to propagate the changes to the database.
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<s:HTTPService id="xmlFromJSP" url="http://localhost:8080/generateXML.jsp"
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Why should you care Frankly, because scaled icons generally look really bad. There isn t a lot of detail available in an icon anyway, and any sort of distortion can quickly make an icon unattractive or illegible. This isn t a large problem for a personal application, but can have a serious impact on the perceived quality of a commercial app. Icons can be provided in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format; PNG is usually the best choice. Color icons may be used for monochrome BlackBerry devices; however, monochrome icons may look better than those converted from color by the BlackBerry. Icons have a limited file size; if they exceed the limit, your application will fail to build. Caution: Excessive icon sizes are one of several cases where a deep error may be reported within the BlackBerry Builder Console but does not stop the deployment of the application. If your changes don t seem to be available in the simulator or the device, carefully check the builder output to make sure that everything is building properly.
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Generic Comparison
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As you can see from Figure 5-4, the team project has five main elements: Work Items, Documents, Reports, Team Builds, and Source Control. The following sections explain each of these elements.
Exception Handler Buffer Call Request Schema
As you have seen, the Silverlight Navigation Application VS.NET template can be used to give you a base application with navigation support to build on.
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