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Implementation ECC200 in Objective-C Configuring and Managing Open Directory

Figure 11-23. The day name of a date
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Sorts a 1D array. Returns a String representing the type. Inherited from Object.
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Using Mutable Records
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.NET Remoting offers the developer and administrator a vastly greater choice of protocols and formats than any of the former remoting mechanisms. In Figure 2-1, you can see a simplified view of the .NET Remoting architecture. Whenever a client application holds a reference to a remote object, it will be represented by a TransparentProxy object, which masquerades as the destination object. This proxy will allow all of the target object s instance methods to be called upon it. Whenever a method call is placed to the proxy, it will be converted into a message, and the message will pass various layers.
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Replacing an Old Policy
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BAM activities identify the milestones and tracking data an individual is interested in tracking. Milestones are the steps in an activity that are measured in time, and tracking data is the key data points in a process you are interested in tracking (such as a customer ID or name). This category of steps outlines how to create a BAM activity in Excel. The activity defined in this recipe includes milestones that indicate when a process begins, ends, and encounters an exception. Additionally, the following steps outline how to create tracking data that captures the transaction ID and transaction type.
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Open the CreateAssignment.cs file (in the Activities folder). Make the same modifications to this file that you did for the CreateLead and AssignLead activities. The modified code is shown in Listing 15-5. Listing 15-5. Modified Implementation of CreateAssignment.cs using System; using System.Activities; namespace LeadGenerator { /*****************************************************/ // This custom activity creates an Assignment class // using the input parameters (LeadID and AsignedTo). /*****************************************************/ public sealed class CreateAssignment : CodeActivity { public InArgument<int> LeadID { get; set; } public InArgument<string> AssignedTo { get; set; } protected override void Execute(CodeActivityContext context) { // Create an Assignment class and populate its properties Assignment a = new Assignment(); a.WorkflowID = context.WorkflowInstanceId; a.LeadID = LeadID.Get(context); a.DateAssigned = DateTime.Now;
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Using the GridView Control
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The Filesystem Backup module ( was written to deal with the problem of identifying newly added or modified files on the file system, as well as moving them off-site to a safe location. This module sends any new or modified files to the administrator as zipped attachments to an e-mail message. The attachments are all uniquely numbered, and when they are extracted in the order received, will re-create the entire Drupal installation on your local machine. This is a way of automating the backup process for people who may not have sufficient server access (in shared hosting environments) to implement an automated backup routine using shell scripts.
Mounting a Drive Manually
Round-Robin DNS
Property Name
Note There is one more segment of SQL that is called Data Control Language (DCL). This encompasses
When the user clicks on the TextBlock, the JavaScript event handler for it fires and changes the text. You can see the result in Figure 15-2. In this section, you ve seen the anatomy of a Silverlight application. You ve seen how to create an instance of the Silverlight control using the standard library, and how to load XAML into it, rendering it and programming it using JavaScript. In the next section, you ll look into the Silverlight control itself and its API in some more detail.
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