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Figure 11 2. Microchip s MPLAB Integrated Development Environment
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Using Desktop Link Checking Tools
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As you saw in Figure 3-13, when you expand the node that is displaying the connection to your database, there are folders displayed that group each of the database object types mentioned earlier in the chapter. The objects that you create are not actually stored in SQL Server in folders, but this organized treeview makes it easier to find objects that you want to work with by placing them in logical groupings by type. The ability to create new objects is only a click away. If you right-click over the Tables folder in the treeview, you are presented with a context menu that offers a few choices: New Table: This option provides you with the ability to create a new database table. New Query: This option provides you with the ability to create a new query against your database tables or views. Refresh: This is more important than it may seem at first. The treeview of your database objects is loaded once and then cached. If any changes are made to the database from a source outside the IDE, you will have to invoke Refresh to see the latest changes. Properties: This option displays the objects properties in the Properties window.
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Figure 3-16. Convert artwork into text input component
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Figure 6-15. Selecting project theme available for use Once you create a new project you can switch to the theme you just created, and the CSS and components will be copied automatically. You can also delete a theme or share the theme with the community.
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What we have done here is add some simple interactivity between Flex and Papervision. This is some very basic movement that you can do with any Papervision object.
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Portlet Basics
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Using the Plug-In
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Understanding the ASP.NET Event Model
Since the CREATE TABLE statement specified that EmployeeID is a primary key, SQL Server created test_Employees with a primary key. Refresh the Northwind display in Object Explorer and expand the Columns node for test_Employees. You ll find that EmployeeID is now marked PK, as in Figure 10-13.
Isolated storage
To set up the BingMapDemo project, follow the steps you ve used for previous examples in this book: 1. 2. Open Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone on your workstation. Create a new Windows Phone Application by selecting File New Project on the Visual Studio command menu. Select the Windows Phone Application template, and name the application AddressPlottingDemo. In order to use Bing Maps control in Windows Phone, you must reference Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Maps and System.Device.
The surprising thing about the five different execution plans is that the final cost is the same for all of them, even though there are slight variations in the plans and distinct changes in the cardinality of the joins. For example: Execution Plan ( autotrace, no system statistics, 1 to 1 with equality) -----------------------------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=105 Card=1 Bytes=14) 1 0 SORT (GROUP BY) 2 1 VIEW (Cost=105 Card=1000 Bytes=14000) 3 2 MERGE JOIN (Cost=105 Card=1000 Bytes=34000) 4 3 SORT (JOIN) (Cost=38 Card=1000 Bytes=19000) 5 4 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T1' (Cost=29 Card=1000 Bytes=19000) 6 3 SORT (JOIN) (Cost=68 Card=10000 Bytes=150000) 7 6 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T2' (Cost=29 Card=10000 Bytes=150000) Execution Plan ( autotrace, no system statistics, many to many with range) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------0 SELECT STATEMENT Optimizer=ALL_ROWS (Cost=105 Card=1 Bytes=14) 1 0 SORT (GROUP BY) 2 1 VIEW (Cost=105 Card=25002 Bytes=350028) 3 2 MERGE JOIN (Cost=105 Card=25002 Bytes=850068) 4 3 SORT (JOIN) (Cost=38 Card=1000 Bytes=19000) 5 4 TABLE ACCESS (FULL) OF 'T1' (Cost=29 Card=1000 Bytes=19000) 6 3 FILTER
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