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Figure 6-6. The <portlet-preferences> XML Schema
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This quick example should have established the elegant message features available with data services. Different data services implement message push differently. Protocols vary. LCDS uses RTMP to stream messages, BlazeDS relies on AMF polling, and GDS uses Java NIO Comet. In all cases, the feature itself is very useful. We built a trivial example, but sophisticated real-time applications can be built on the basis of a reliable message infrastructure. Before we close this discussion on messaging, we will look at integration with JMS and highlight the performance criteria that may be of paramount importance in production applications. You will also learn how to write a custom message adapter.
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Tip The Windows Phone 7 emulator can take a long time to start, so you want to avoid closing it down whenever possible. If you need to stop an application in the middle of a debugging run, it s better to use the Visual Studio Debug Stop Debugging command instead of completely closing down the Windows Phone 7 emulator. Using this technique, the next time the application debugging starts, the project will be loaded into the emulator without first waiting for the emulator to be started.
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sudo dscl . -passwd /Users/corpadmin MYSECRETPASSWORD
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Use this pop-up window as follows: If you set a value for Image Preview filter on the Image Assist settings page, you can use the Filter options to select the images you want to see by category. Each selection box represents a vocabulary. Click Go to update the selection. If the thumbnails are too small to see clearly or too large to fit nicely on the page, use the plus and minus links to change their size. You can upload an image by clicking the add image link. It works just like adding an image with the Image module. Click a thumbnail to see the preview version in this frame. You can enter some text in the Image Description for the Visually Impaired field. This will be the value of the alt parameter in your <img> tag. The Image to Use setting lets you choose between the available derivative sizes of the image for inclusion in your post.
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the Model Locator acts as a locator which references the different Presentation Model classes that hold the data and logic for each component.
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Note The naming of the setting customErrors can be slightly confusing. Custom in this regard means
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Defining blocks provokes a little nitpicking from the template engine. Block definitions must occur on their own line, and the code inside the HTML comment identifiers must be set off from each identifier by a space. Here is a great example of what not to do when defining blocks: . . </td> </tr> </table><!-- BEGIN switch_user_logged_in--> You're logged in! <!--END switch_user_logged_in --> Notice the problems with this example. Line 1 has the block delineation on the same line as other code; phpBB does not like this. Line 3 shows the END keyword is directly next to the opening HTML comment identifier, where it should be set off with one space. These kinds of errors are easy to make, but you need to be careful to avoid them, because they can cause problems, even to the point of malfunction.
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Download at
Other SAN Solutions
click="processUserFormInput (userName.text, userRequest.text);"/> </mx:FormItem> </mx:Form> <mx:Form id="collaborativeForm2" defaultButton="{updateAgentInput}"> <mx:FormItem label="Agent Name"> <mx:TextInput id="agentName"/> </mx:FormItem> <mx:FormItem label="Agent Comments"> <mx:TextInput id="agentComments"/> </mx:FormItem> <mx:FormItem> <mx:Button label="Update Agent Input" id="updateAgentInput" click="processAgentFormInput (agentName.text, agentComments.text);"/> </mx:FormItem> </mx:Form> </s:Application>
characters allowable in a passcode.
The full listing of conversion options and what they produce (from the main page of hdiutil) is: UDRW: UDIF read/write image UDRO: UDIF read-only image UDCO: UDIF ADC-compressed image UDZO: UDIF zlib-compressed image UDBZ: UDIF bzip2-compressed image (OS X 10.4+ only) UFBI: UDIF entire image with MD5 checksum UDRo: UDIF read-only (obsolete format) UDCo: UDIF compressed (obsolete format) UDTO: DVD/CD-R master for export UDxx: UDIF stub image UDSP: SPARSE (grows with content) UDSB: SPARSEBUNDLE (grows with content; bundle-backed) RdWr: NDIF read/write image (deprecated) Rdxx: NDIF read-only image (Disk Copy 6.3.3 format) ROCo: NDIF compressed image (deprecated) Rken: NDIF compressed (obsolete format) DC42: Disk Copy 4.2 image With hdiutil you can also burn an ISO file as well as perform a checksum and segment an image file by using the verbs burn, verify, and segment, respectively. As you convert your disk image (if you do so), keep in mind that ultimately you ll need it to be in readonly format if you want it to be deployable via ASR or other methods. Though hdiutil has a number of other great options (for example, the ability to use shadow files), we ll review just one more, encryption, because it s more relevant to our topic. When you execute hdiutil using the -encryption flag with create, the command asks you to supply a password. (And naturally, to mount the disk image, you ll have to enter whatever password you assigned.) You can also pipe the password into hdiutil by using echo along with the flags -encryption and -stdinpass. But because this puts the password into your shell s history---which you don t want----you ll need a second command. The two look like the following: echo -n "MyPassword" | hdiutil create -encryption -stdinpass -size 1g secret.dmg clear history
In the next section, we will use NavigationService to navigate between pages.
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