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A method that accepts an index and returns the name of the specified column A method that accepts a column name and returns the column index A method that returns column metadata A property that indicates if the data reader has any rows A property that gets the number of rows changed, inserted, or deleted
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Signing Up for Windows Azure and Creating a Project
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Figure 2-15. A subreport example
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.NET 3.0: Programming with CardSpace
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Most users are charged for each message sent or received, or have a limited number of free messages.
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Even though you initiate the install, the user will still need to confirm it. Figure 8-5 shows the prompt screen, which is the same form that is used when installing an application from the browser.
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single click, it won t scan recursively. That means it won t scan any folders (or folders of folders) within your /home directory, so it isn t of much use. To perform a recursive scan of your /home directory, click File Recursive Scan. Then click the OK button in the Select a Directory (Recursive Scan) dialog box. This will select your /home directory. Of course, you can also select any other folders to scan at this stage.
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Straight-through mapping: This approach is to manually link all source and associated destination elements within the BizTalk Mapper tool. This method does 1:1 template matches on all source and destination elements.
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After you have established your routine and have become comfortable with your DBA skills, you may find yourself drawn toward helping others. Do not panic; it is perfectly natural to find yourself willing to help others. It is also natural to be timid when it comes to other database professionals and their skills. Every time I sit in a room of other DBA s I always assume everyone knows more than I do. Then I am surprised to find out that the people on the other side of the table are thinking the same thing about me. One thing I have learned in my role as a DBA is that more often than not you are going to be able to find someone willing to help. Most DBA s I know are not afraid to say that they do not know something. This is in contrast to other professions where people tend to profess being an expert in something (TV talk-show hosts), or feel the need to pretend to be an expert, or don t want anyone to question their level of expertise at all (doctors or lawyers). Because most DBA s are willing to admit they do not know something, most other DBA s are willing to help because they know that a time will come when they need some help as well. TIP: No one person can know everything. In this chapter, we will discuss the following: 1. 2. 3. Communications and how to get started (writing and speaking) Professional associations Networking basics
Figure 1-15. Defining a While activity In a While activity, the activity in the Body section is executed as long as the Condition is true. The Condition is evaluated first and then, if true, the activities are executed. This is repeated until the Condition is false.
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