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Enabling Themes
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Database Design
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Creating a validator is an important step in the process and will ensure the user is limited with their choices to enter only values that are expected.
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10. A window reporting a successful test should appear (see Figure 9-15). (If it doesn t, cancel your work and carefully try again.) Click OK.
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This chapter gave an overview of the primary libraries available for use with a vanilla installation of F# and .NET. Many, many other libraries are available for .NET, and we couldn t possibly cover them in a single book. Many of the design patterns you've seen here recur in those libraries; after you get to know the libraries discussed here, you ll find that other libraries are easy to use. The chapters that follow dig into applications of F# and the .NET Framework more deeply, looking at some of the libraries discussed in this chapter in more detail.
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For example, delivering a compelling video and audio experience to mobile devices requires placing the highest priority on compression, which means lossy data compression (sometimes very lossy). On the other hand, delivering video or audio on the desktop can use lossless data compression and high quality since the user has more resources and the files can be installed locally. For best results, always begin the encoding process with raw files because repetitive compression can destroy the integrity of video imagery.
Console.WriteLine("Got result: {0}",res); Console.ReadLine(); } } } To show you an example for a custom proxy, I implement some methods that dump the request and return messages contents. These methods are called from the proxy s Invoke(), which will be executed whenever your client calls a method on the TransparentProxy object. This is shown in Listing 13-22.
Adding Reference to NotepadService
2: Portlet Basics
Another property available to uniquely characterize the attached accessory is modelNumber. This property should be used by application software to define which model in the line is currently connected. Model numbers will likely differ to indicate different features present on the accessory. Consider a credit card reader attachment. One model might only read and process the swiped card information while another model may add a capability to support the customer s signature.
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