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Adapter Pattern
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Filters can be activated or deactivated using fullTextQuery.enableFullTextFilter(String name) or fullTextQuery.disableFullTextFilter(String name). Both methods are available for the Hibernate Core and Java Persistence extensions of FullTextQuery. Remember, for each parameter that a filter needs, you must have a corresponding setter in the Filter class or the Filter factory class. When the Filter instance (or its factory) is built, parameters are injected into their respective setters and are available to the getDocIdSet() method as well as to the @Factory and @Key methods when they are present. Listing 8.6 shows how to apply category filtering on a Hibernate Search query.
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Binding to code The bound expression may contain code, including function calls.
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.append( " " ).append( item.getTitle() ); } return itemInString.toString(); }
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The Session interface allows you to create Query objects to retrieve persistent objects. (In Hibernate 2, the Session interface supported a number of overloaded find methods. They were deprecated in Hibernate 3.) HQL statements are object-oriented, meaning that you query on object properties instead of database table and column names. Let s look at some examples using the Query interface. This example returns a collection of all Event instances. Notice that you don t need to provide a select ... clause when returning entire objects:
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The Connector knows to open a StreamConnectionNotifier by looking for the serversocket scheme. The port number is specified after the : in the address portion of the name. The port chosen is arbitrary so long as both the client and the socket listener use the same port number. Also, if the specified port number is unavailable, or another service is already bound to the port, the connection will be refused. Once a StreamConnectionNotifier is established, the socket listener waits for a client to attempt a connection using the acceptAndOpen() method.
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Our auction has an approval cycle. A new item is created in the Draft state. The user who created the auction may place the item in Pending state when the user is satisfied with the item details. System administrators may then approve the auction, placing the item in the Active state and beginning the auction. At any time before the auction is approved, the user or any administrator may edit the item details. Once the auction is approved, no user or administrator may edit the item. It s essential that the approving administrator sees the most recent revision of the item details before approving the auction and that an auction can t be approved twice. Figure 8.1 shows the item approval cycle. The application transaction is auction approval, which spans two user requests. First, the administrator selects a pending item to view its details; second, the administrator approves the auction, moving the item to the Active state. The second request must perform a version check to verify that the item hasn t been updated or approved since it was retrieved for display. The business logic for approving an auction should, as usual, be implemented by the domain model. In this case, we add an approve() method to the Item class:
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Building a rich client interface is a bit more complicated than designing a web page. What is the incentive, then, for going this extra mile What s the payoff What is a rich client, anyway Two key features characterize a rich client: it s rich, and it s a client. Let me explain a little more. Rich refers here to the interaction model of the client. A rich user interaction model is one that can support a variety of input methods and that responds intuitively and in a timely fashion. We could set a rather unambitious yardstick for this by saying that for user interaction to be rich, it must be as good as the current generation of desktop applications, such as word processors and spreadsheets. Let s take a look at what that would entail.
Graphics g = Graphics.getGraphics(); g.drawString("PLAIN",75,10,Graphics.PLAIN); g.drawRectangle(10,10,50,30,Graphics.PLAIN,0); g.drawRectangle(0,45,160,40,Graphics.PLAIN,0); g.drawString("ERASE",75, 50,Graphics.ERASE); g.drawRectangle(10,50,50,30,Graphics.ERASE,0); g.drawString("GRAY",75, 90,Graphics.GRAY); g.drawRectangle(10,90,50,30,Graphics.GRAY,0); g.drawString("INVERT",75, 130,Graphics.INVERT); g.drawRectangle(10,130,50,30,Graphics.INVERT,0);
iter.hasNext();) { Account overdraftAccount = (Account); if (overdraftAccount == account) { continue; } Overdraft
Object-relational mapping
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