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Configuring Hibernate
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5: Branching
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Adding the database to SQL Server is almost as easy as documenting it; in fact, it requires less typing. The CREATE TABLE statements are straightforward, and they all pretty much look the same. I m going to show only a few of them here. The Database Creation Script.sql file in this book s installation directory includes the full script content. The instructions listed here are for SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express. You can perform all of these tasks using SQL Server 2005 Management Studio, or even the command-line tools supplied with SQL Server, but the details of each step will vary. The same CREATE TABLE statements work with whichever tool you choose. If you haven t done so already, install SQL Server 2005 Express Edition (or whichever version of the database you will be using). SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express is a separate product from SQL Server itself, so you must install that as well. Most of the tables in the Library Project are simple data tables with a single primary key. Their code is straightforward. The Author table is a good example.
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K Virtual Machine
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Searching words, not columns
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You can use either a session bean or an MDB to invoke a web service. For example, customers can track the status of items ordered from ActionBazaar. Internally, ActionBazaar uses the TrackOrder EJB to track this status. An external company, the Turtle and Snail Trucking Company, is used to ship the orders. The trucking company happens to be a heavy user of Microsoft technologies, and they provided a web service to track the status of orders. The TrackOrder EJB invokes this web service to check the delivery status of orders. The following code snippet of the TrackOrder EJB invokes a web service:
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Sets up variables
Prepares XML
Figure 21-2. Adding a new report to the project
using using using using System; System.Collections.Generic; System.Linq; System.Text;
that would otherwise be broken or become irrelevant over time a process also known as link rot. Ajax applications frequently suffer from similar symptoms. For instance, many times, users would like to bookmark a page after investing a significant amount of time adjusting its state and appearance. Unfortunately, what commonly happens is that the bookmark or link they end up adding doesn t hydrate the same version of the page they wished to capture. For a permalink-like solution, the History objects on the client and server provide a function that retrieves the state string on the page. Using this formatted state string, you can bookmark and share a link that you can rely on. For serverside code, you can retrieve the link by calling the getStateString method:
Hibernate provides the following ways to get objects out of the database:
And we can use a similar technique for the LINQ query that populates the fileNameGroups it uses FileInfo, and we need to handle exceptions for that. Example 11-31 iterates through a list of paths, and returns details for each file that it was able to access successfully, displaying errors otherwise.
Recording video
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