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Using the inspector window
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Query query = manager.createQuery("from Employee e"); query.setFlushMode(FlushModeType.COMMIT);
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it will probably be visible to only that module. If you want your classes (helper and utility) to be visible to all modules in the EAR file, you can package them as a library module in the EAR. Armed with this knowledge on class loading, we can now return to the discussion on packaging EJBs. First we ll talk about the packaging of session and message-driven beans, and quickly proceed to the packaging of persistence entities.
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Listing 5.20 MovieCountries1.java
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Custom bridges Mapping relationships
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<property environment="env"/> <property name="env.HOSTNAME" value="${env.COMPUTERNAME}"/> <property name="hostname" value="${env.HOSTNAME}"/>
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System exceptions include java.lang.RuntimeException and its subclasses. EJBException is a subclass of RuntimeException, so it is considered a system exception. System exceptions also include java.rmi.RemoteException and its subclasses. The Run timeException and RemoteException subclasses differ in that they can be turned into application exceptions using the @javax.ejb.ApplicationException annotation. This annotation is discussed later in this chapter. System exceptions always cause a transaction to roll back when they are thrown from an enterprise bean method. Any RuntimeException not annotated with @Applica tionException that is thrown within a business method (for instance, EJBException, NullPointerException, IndexOutOfBoundsException, and so on) is handled by the container automatically and results in a transaction rollback. In Java, RuntimeException types do not need to be declared in the throws clause of the method signature or handled using try/catch blocks; they are automatically thrown from the method. The container handles system exceptions automatically and it will always do the following: 1. Roll back the transaction. 2. Log the exception to alert the system administrator. 3. Discard the EJB instance. When a system exception is thrown from any callback method (@PostConstruct, @Post Activate, and so on), it is treated the same way as exceptions thrown from any business method. Although EJB requires system exceptions to be logged, it does not specify how they should be logged or the format of the logfile. The exact mechanism for recording exceptions and reporting them to the system administrator is left to the vendor.
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Source code for managing jobs
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Your Azure storage account can have many queues; at any time, a queue can have many messages. Messages are the lifeblood of a queue system and should represent the things that a producer is telling a consumer. You can think of a queue as having a name, some properties, and a collection of ordered messages. In Azure, messages are limited to 8 KB in size. This low limit is designed for performance and scalability reasons. If a message could be up to 1 GB in size, writing to and reading from the queue would take a long time. This would also make it hard for the queue to respond quickly when there were many different consumers reading messages from the top of the queue. Because of this limit, most Azure queue messages will follow a work ticket pattern. The message will usually not contain the data needed by the consumer itself. Instead, the message will contain a pointer of some sort to the real work that needs to be done. For example, following along with figure 16.3, a queue that contains messages for video compression won t include the actual video that needs to be compressed. The producer will store the video in a shared storage location q, perhaps a BLOB container or a table. Once the video is stored, the producer will then place a message in the queue with the name of the BLOB that needs to be compressed w. There ll likely be other jobs in the queue as well. The consumer will then pick up the work ticket, fetch the proper video from BLOB storage, compress the video e, and then store the new video back in BLOB storage r. Sometimes the process ends there, with the original producer being smart enough to look in the BLOB storage for the compressed version of the video, or perhaps a flag in a database is flipped to show that the processing has been completed.
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In the first example of the next section, you ll use the art box to retrieve information that can be used to add a header and footer.
} title:sea*
You should also notice in figure 6.16 that the default ASP.NET cache is an individualserver cache that s tied to the web server worker process (WaWebHost). In Windows Azure, any data you cache is held in the WaWebHost process memory space. If you were to kill the WaWebHost process, the cache would be destroyed and would need to be repopulated as part of the process restart. Because the VM has a maximum of 1 GB of memory available to the server, you should keep your server cache as lean as possible.
<target name="validate-tomcat" <condition property="tomcat.available"> <and> <isset property="env.TOMCAT_HOME"/> <available classname="org.apache.tomcat.startup.Tomcat"> <classpath> <fileset dir="${env.TOMCAT_HOME}/lib"> <include name="**/*.jar"/> </fileset> </classpath> </available> </and> </condition> <echo>tomcat.available=${tomcat.available}</echo> </target>
If you don t specify explicit values, the first item in your list is effectively the default value for the enum (because it corresponds to the zero value). If you provide explicit values, be sure to define a value that corresponds to zero if you don t, fields using your type will default to a value that s not a valid member of the enum, which is not desirable.
Using setRotation() with a rotation value of (float) -Math.PI / 6 would have had the same effect.
A table per subclass Each class will have its own table. Each table will have only the properties that are defined in that particular class. These tables will not have properties of any superclass or subclass. In this chapter, we use these three strategies to map the Employee class hierarchy defined in Figure 12-1.
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