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// Part 1 is listing 9.5; part 2, listing 9.6 function createRow(row:String[] , indent:Boolean , Create rows of func:function(l:String):Node) : Tile { lamps or keys def h = Tile { hgap: 4; columns: sizeof row; content: for(l in [row]) { func(l); }; }; if(indent) { h.translateX = Intent row, if h.content[0].layoutBounds.width/2; required } return h; } function createKey(l:String) : Node { Function used Key { to create key letter: l; action: handleKeyPress; }; } function createLamp(l:String) : Node { Function used def i:Integer = l.charAt(0)-65; to create lamp def lamp = Lamp { letter: l; }; lamps[i]=lamp; return lamp; } Handle key function handleKeyPress(l:Integer,down:Boolean) : Void { def res = encodePosition(l); lamps[res].lit = down; if(not down) { var b:Boolean; b=rotors[2].nextPosition(); Key release if(b) { b=rotors[1].nextPosition(); } Turn rotors if(b) { rotors[0].nextPosition(); } } } function encodePosition(i:Integer) : Integer { Encode key var res=i; position for(r in rotors) { res=r.encode(res,false); } res=reflector.encode(res,false); for(r in reverse rotors) { res=r.encode(res,true); } return res; }
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Transaction isolation (the I in ACID) is a critical part of any transactional system. This section explains isolation conditions, database locking, and transaction isolation levels. These concepts are important when deploying any transactional system.
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$out_file = "$output_type:$out_file" if $output_type; $rc = $im_out->Write($out_file); Write the output image die $rc if $rc;
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1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 using using using using using System; System.IO; System.Runtime.Serialization; System.Runtime.Serialization.Formatters.Binary; System.Collections;
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Java data type category
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Calling Ant with no target is the same as calling the default target named in the project. In this example, it is the archive target:
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Exploring Lucene s scoring approach and the DefaultSimilarity class
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Whew! Request sending all done. Now let s hope the server is up and running and we get a response. And let s talk about how we will handle it when it does.
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Creating a CompositeUserType
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Listing 3.5 A closer look at functions
In-app purchasing using Store Kit
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blob.FetchAttributes(); var lastModifiedTime = blob.Properties.LastModifiedUtc;
Dragging and dropping
<orders> <order xlink:type= simple href= customers.xml#//customers/customer/@id[.='0059'] title= Customer show= new > <number>12345</number> <amount>$500</amount> </order> </orders>
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