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Deploy QR in Java Reusing user action handlers: Command pattern

increased from 31 to 54 after we added the feed. The only features remaining to add are our back, forward, and pause buttons.
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Overloading is the act of creating two or more methods with the same name, but that differ in the number, type of parameters, or both. Properties appear to clients to be members, but appear to the designer of the class to be methods. This allows the designer to modify how the property retrieves its value without breaking the semantics of the client program. Properties include get and set accessors that are used to retrieve and modify a member field, respectively. The set accessor has an implicit parameter named value that represents the value to be assigned through the property. Automatic properties provide a shorthand way of creating properties, if all you want to do is set or retrieve a value, as opposed to doing any other processing in the accessor. When you pass by reference, the called method affects the object referred to in the calling method. When you pass by value, the changes in the called method are not reflected in the calling method. You can pass value types by reference by using either the ref or the out keyword. The out parameter eliminates the requirement to initialize a variable before passing it to a method. Now you have an idea of how methods work, and just how essential they are to your classes. Classes with no methods can still be very useful for holding data, but they won t be able to do much on their own. You ll be seeing methods extensively throughout the rest of this book, to the point where you probably won t even think much about them anymore. You may have noticed that method calls make the flow of your program much more complicated than the straight line it was in the early chapters. That s entirely appropriate, but one side-effect of complicating the flow is that it can become harder to find bugs. If your program has methods that call other methods that call still more methods, and it crashes, where should you start to look for the bug Fortunately, Visual Studio can help you out; it has a whole set of tools designed to help you find and diagnose bugs. We ll take a quick break from the C# theory to examine those tools in 9. We think you ll thank us for it in later chapters.
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10.2.1 Preparing the backend
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List<FileInfo> fileList = new List<FileInfo>( );
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The complete code for the CustomerDataBean is shown in Listing 3.3.
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Listing 5.1 The watch list JSP servlet
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Creating Note with: Test Document Creating Document with: Test Document Overriding the Read method for Document! Note Write Method for IStorable Overriding the Read method for Document! Note Write Method for IStorable
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It seems as if you ve authored a lot of code for what should have been a pretty simple problem and solution. Maybe using EJB for our logging framework is not such a good idea after all. Let s look at what the EJB specification gives us:
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Launch Visual Studio, and create a new SQL Server 2008 Database Project named NWSandbox (see figure 11.2). Store it wherever you want on your disk; don t add it to source control at this time.
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15.3.2 Using threads in a worker role
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[self.view addPic:myImageView.image at:myImageView.frame]; [myImageView removeFromSuperview]; [myImageView release]; [mySlider removeFromSuperview]; [mySlider release]; [myTools setItems:origToolbar animated:NO]; }
Not only did the partial method definition disappear, but the call to that method inside the Move routine disappeared as well. As a lone programmer writing lonely code, you will probably never craft a partial method; the event system is a much better way to generically respond to actions within a class. But you might have a chance to write the implementation side of a partial method. Partial methods will be used in some LINQ-specific code, especially when designing LINQ code that communicates with SQL Server. But more on that in 17.
Exploring Android s Bluetooth capabilities
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