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Throwing exceptions without causing a rollback 184 5.5 Forcing rollbacks before method completion 175 Propagating a transaction to another EJB business method 186 5.1 Tuning the container transaction control for your EJB 166 5.2 Handling transaction management without the container 169 5.13 Propagating a transaction to a nonEJB class 188 Propagating a transaction to a nonEJB class 188 5.5 Forcing rollbacks before method completion 175 Starting a transaction in the client layer 190 3.17 Decreasing the number of calls to an entity bean 124 5.2 Handling transaction management without the container 169 5.15 Holding a transaction across multiple JavaServer Pages 191 Holding a transaction across multiple JavaServer Pages 191 5.2 Handling transaction management without the container 169 5.14 Starting a transaction in the client layer 190 Updating multiple databases in one transaction 193 3.2 Creating EJB 2.0 container-managed persistence 81 5.1 Tuning the container transaction control for your EJB 166 5.7 Combining entity updates into a single transaction 177
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Security and Ajax
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9.5 XDoclet
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Consuming external Web Services
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CVS support is provided as built-in task.
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We ll need to create a SQLMap file to house our SQL call for the category product list. Within this file, which we ll name Product.xml, we will need to define a typeAlias for the Product object, a cache model to cache results, and a select statement to house our select SQL (see listing 14.17).
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The Firebug tool up and running in Firefox
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< xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" > <siteMap xmlns="" > <siteMapNode url="/home" title="Home" description=""> <siteMapNode url="/home/index" title="Index" description="" /> <siteMapNode url="/home/about" title="About Us" description="" /> <siteMapNode url="/home/contact" title="Contact Us" description="" /> <siteMapNode url="/home/legal" title="Legal" > <siteMapNode url="/home/legal section=privacy" title="Privacy Policy" /> <siteMapNode url="/home/legal section=terms" title="Terms & Conditions" /> </siteMapNode> </siteMapNode> </siteMap>
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Executing: void javax.swing.JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(Component, Object) Thread[main,5,main]
Notice that WebPartManager first creates a GenericWebPart control, which can then be passed into the AddWebPart method. This is similar to what occurred under the covers when the Label control was turned into a GenericWebPart in the previous chapter. Managing personalization data The WebPartManager also manages the loading and saving of web part personalization data. At the beginning of the page lifecycle the WebPartManager is handed a blob of data from the personalization system, which it then distributes to each of the relevant web parts. At the end of the page lifecycle, the WebPartManager gathers up the personalization data from each of the web part controls, packages that data into a single blob, and hands it back to the Personalization system for saving. This process allows user customizations to persist across browser restarts. Personalization is a very broad topic, so I ll defer further discussion about it until chapter 6, when we can devote an entire chapter to it. Controlling lifecycle events All of the events that occur during the web part page lifecycle are tracked and exposed by the WebPartManager. For example, if you want to receive notifications about when connections are initialized, you will get them from the manager. Likewise, if you want to receive notifications whenever a user is attempting to move a web part between
UIDeviceOrientation lists seven values for a device s orientation.
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Using JPA with Spring
You ll rarely need these control mechanisms. Also note that eviction of the second-level cache is nontransactional, that is, the cache region isn t locked during eviction. Hibernate also offers CacheMode options that can be activated for a particular Session. Imagine that you want to insert many objects into the database in one Session. You need to do this in batches, to avoid memory exhaustion every object is added to the first-level cache. However, it s also added to the second-level cache, if enabled for the entity class. A CacheMode controls the interaction of Hibernate with the second-level cache:
@Entity @EntityListeners(Auditor.class) public class SingleEntityListenerEmployee { ... } @Entity @EntityListeners(AnotherListener.class) public class DoubleEntityListenerEmployee extends SingleEntityListenerEmployee { ... }
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