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TorqueSQLTransformTask Generates an XML Schema from an SQL schema TorqueDocumentationTask Generates HTML or XML documentation for XML Schemas
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Executing queries
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17.1 Employing continuous integration
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using System; using System.Reflection; using ObjectStructure; // Visitor Pattern - Example Judith Bishop October 2007 // Sets up an object structure and visits it // in two ways - for counting using reflection namespace ObjectStructure { class Element { public Element public Element public Element public Element Next = next; } }
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Add handlers for PageRequestManager events
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Unlike the many variants of Action<>, the framework provides us with a single Predicate<T> type, which defines a delegate to a function that takes a single parameter of type T and returns a Boolean.
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Installing a local server to aid debugging Using a variety of browsers and add-ons Profiling iPhone code
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14.4.6 lib
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Modifying objects efficiently
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Taking control: Video Player, version 1
We say that you start the process with an appropriate object. For a totally new object, this will probably be the blank object, but if you re making a subclass of an existing object, you should start with the object you re subclassing from. Once you type your new subclass name into your object s Class field, things will automatically be linked up. You ll use this technique in future chapters.
Google has done more than any other company to raise the profile of Ajax applications (and it, like the majority of adopters, was doing so before the name Ajax was coined). Its GMail service was launched in beta form in early 2004. Along with the extremely generous mailbox size, the main buzz around GMail was the UI, which allowed users to open several mail messages at once and which updated mailbox lists automatically, even while the user was typing in a message. Compared with the average web mail system offered by most Internet service providers (ISPs) at the time, this was a major step forward. Compared with the corporate mail server web interfaces of the likes of Microsoft Outlook and Lotus Notes, GMail offered most of the functionality without resorting to heavy, troublesome ActiveX controls or Java applets, making it available across most platforms and locations, rather than the corporate user s carefully preinstalled machine. Google has followed this up with further interactive features, such as Google Suggest, which searches the server for likely completions for your query as you type, and Google Maps, an interactive zoomable map used to perform locationbased searches. At the same time, other companies have begun to experiment with the technology, such as Flickr s online photo-sharing system, now part of Yahoo! The applications we have discussed so far are testing the water. They are still transient applications, designed for occasional use. There are signs of an emerging market for sovereign Ajax applications, most notably the proliferation of frameworks in recent months. We look at a few of these in detail in chapter 3, and attempt to summarize the current state of the field in appendix C. There are, then, sufficient signals to suggest that Ajax is taking hold of the market in a significant way. We developers will play with any new technology for its own sake, but businesses like Google and Yahoo! will join in only if there are compelling business reasons. We ve already outlined many of the theoretical advantages of Ajax. In the following section, we ll take apart Google Maps, in order to see how the theory stacks up.
An object persistence layer is said to implement persistence by reachability if any instance becomes persistent whenever the application creates an object reference to the instance from another instance that is already persistent. This behavior is illustrated by the object diagram (note that this isn t a class diagram) in figure 12.1. In this example, Computer is a persistent object. The objects Desktop PCs and Monitors are also persistent: They re reachable from the Computer Category instance. Electronics and Cellphones are transient. Note that we assume navigation is possible only to child categories, but not to the parent for example, you can call computer.getChildCategories(). Persistence by reachability is a recursive algorithm. All objects reachable from a persistent instance become persistent either when the original instance is made persistent or just before in-memory state is synchronized with the datastore. Persistence by reachability guarantees referential integrity; any object graph can be completely re-created by loading the persistent root object. An application may walk the object network from association to association without ever having to worry about the persistent state of the instances. (SQL databases have a different approach to referential integrity, relying on declarative and procedural constraints to detect a misbehaving application.) In the purest form of persistence by reachability, the database has some top-level or root object, from which all persistent objects are reachable. Ideally, an instance should become transient and be deleted from the database if it isn t reachable via references from the root persistent object.
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