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Listing 19.3 A drawing with CGPath
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There are two basic ways to interact with a queue and its messages. The first is the StorageClient library that ships with the Azure SDK. The other mechanism for interacting with queues is to use the REST API directly. You can create and consume REST messages in any way you want. Although this is a little more work, it s worth learning how the REST API works, so that you understand more fully how the storage system works. The REST entry point will be your key way to access Azure storage when you don t have a handy API lying around, like the StorageClient. Microsoft and several open source teams are working to build SDKs similar to the StorageClient library for every platform, including Python and PHP. All of these libraries use the REST protocols under the hood. Each call into the REST API has a request header that includes some basic information. The header needs to include which version of the service you re targeting, the
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Whether or not to use setter injection is largely a matter of taste. Although setter injection might seem like a little more work, it provides a couple of distinct advantages. First, it is easier to unit-test by invoking the public setter method from a testing framework like JUnit. Second, it is easier to put initialization code in the setter if you need it.
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With all of that as a backdrop, creating a successful mobile platform is clearly a nontrivial task involving numerous players. Android is an ambitious undertaking, even for Google, a company of seemingly boundless resources and moxie and they re getting the job done. Within a span of two years, Android has seen four major software releases and the release of multiple handsets across most major mobile carriers in the global market. Now that you ve got an introduction to what Android is, let s look at the why and where of Android to provide some context and set the perspective for Android s introduction to the marketplace. After that, it s on to exploring the platform itself!
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13.2.2 Creating a view controller
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public String getEan() { return ean; } public String getTitle() { return title; } public float getScore() { return score; } } public List<ItemView> displayProjectionUsingResultTransformerByMatchingTitle(String words) { FullTextSession ftSession = SessionHolder.getFullTextSession(); luceneQuery = buildLuceneQuery( words, Item.class ); FullTextQuery query = ftSession.createFullTextQuery( luceneQuery, Item.class ); @SuppressWarnings("unchecked") List<ItemView> results = query Attach the result .setProjection( "ean", "title" ) transformer .setResultTransformer( new AliasToBeanResultTransformer( ItemView.class ) ) .list(); return results;
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The FullTextSession object is injected The FullTextEntityManager object is injected
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public interface Password extends EJBLocalObject { public boolean isPasswordValid(String password); }
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in order to refer to the top-level document. If we were nesting IFrames inside IFrames, or wanted to be able to run our application inside a frameset, things could get much more complicated. The script that we load uses a functional approach. If we choose to instantiate an object in our IFrame script, we will encounter further complications. Let s say that we have a file PlanetInfo.js that defines a PlanetInfo type of object that we invoke in our script as
valid expression in the query. If you write a query like this, you open a major security hole in your application by allowing the execution of arbitrary code on your database. Users might even (accidentally) crash your application just by putting a single quote in the search string. Never pass unchecked values from user input to the database! Fortunately, a simple mechanism prevents this mistake. The JDBC driver includes functionality for safely binding values to SQL parameters. It knows exactly which characters in the parameter value to escape, so the previous vulnerability doesn t exist. For example, the quote characters in the given searchString are escaped; they re no longer treated as control characters but rather as a part of the search string value. Furthermore, when you use parameters, the database can efficiently cache precompiled prepared statements, improving performance significantly. There are two approaches to parameter binding: using positional parameters or using named parameters. Hibernate supports JDBC-style positional parameters (indicated by in the query string) as well as named parameters (indicated by the : prefix). Using named parameters Using named parameters, we can rewrite the query as
> ajc *.java > java TestPrecedence <ExtendedSecurityAspect:check/> <SecurityAspect:check/> <performing/>
@Stateful(name = "BidderAccountCreator") public class BidderAccountCreatorBean { private LoginInfo loginInfo; private BiographicalInfo biographicalInfo; private BillingInfo billingInfo; @Remove public void cancelAccountCreation() { ... } }
The basics of BLOBs
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