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obj2 Values <- [7;8;9] let valuesNew : int list = obj2 Values Using the ( ) and ( <-) operators obviously comes with strong drawbacks: you lose considerable type safety, and performance may be affected by the use of dynamic techniques. Their use is recommended only when you re consistently interoperating with weakly typed objects, or when you continually find yourself doing string-based lookup of elements of an object.
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The Update Info tab displays several buttons across the top of the page: Check for Update, Download Update, and Cancel. The Check for Update button is always enabled and can be used to detect updates to the application. Clicking this button performs an asynchronous check for an update and displays update details when an update is available. The Download Update button is enabled only when an update is available. Note that if an update is available, the user can download the update by clicking the Download Update button. The update takes place asynchronously in the background. The sample application also demonstrates a logging technique that might be useful when getting started using the ClickOnce APIs. The sample application logs important progress events in a text area so the user can view what is happening in the background while the application is updating or the update checks are taking place. The following code shows the implementation of this application: public MainForm() { InitializeComponent(); // add event handlers ApplicationDeployment appdep = System.Deployment. Application.ApplicationDeployment.CurrentDeployment; appdep.CheckForUpdateProgressChanged += new DeploymentProgressChangedEventHandler(appdep_CheckForUpdateProgressChanged); appdep.CheckForUpdateCompleted += new CheckForUpdateCompletedEventHandler(appdep_CheckForUpdateCompleted); appdep.DownloadFileGroupCompleted += new DownloadFileGroupCompletedEventHandler(appdep_DownloadFileGroupCompleted); appdep.DownloadFileGroupProgressChanged += new DeploymentProgressChangedEventHandler(appdep_DownloadFileGroupProgressChanged); appdep.UpdateCompleted += new AsyncCompletedEventHandler (appdep_UpdateCompleted); appdep.UpdateProgressChanged += new DeploymentProgressChangedEventHandler(appdep_UpdateProgressChanged); } At the heart of the ClickOnce APIs are six events: CheckForUpdateCompleted CheckForUpdateProgressChanged DownloadFileGroupCompleted DownloadFileGroupProgressChanged UpdateCompleted UpdateCompleted There are three primary completed events, and each one has an associated progress changed event. For example, there is an UpdateCompleted event and an UpdateProgressChanged event. When an update is fired, you ll have one or more progress events and then a completed event. The sample application registers for all of these events in order to show log messages and to enable/disable user interface controls.
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As can be seen, with either syntax the device disk3 is ejected from the system. Creation of disk images requires a bit more lengthy syntax, and is achieved by using the create verb. The process allows for the specification of all parameters that we were presented from the GUI and more:
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As SQL provides data-manipulation statements for relational data, so the XML DML of SQL Server allows you to insert, replace, and delete data from an XML column. The XML DML statements are used along with the modify() method mentioned in Table 10-5. Listing 10-36 shows a script that inserts, replaces, and deletes XML data from the XmlData column of the XMLDocs table. Listing 10-36. Inserting, Replacing, and Deleting Content from an XML Column -- Here goes insert UPDATE xmldocs SET xmldata.modify (' insert <Employee EmployeeID="3"> <FirstName>Janet</FirstName> <LastName>Leverling</LastName> </Employee> after (/Employee)[2]') -- Here goes replace UPDATE xmldocs SET xmldata.modify (' replace value of (/Employee/@EmployeeID)[1] with "10"')
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If you enable CPU costing, but don t enable the features of automatic workarea policy, then the costing for onepass and optimal joins seems to be quite reasonable even to the extent that pure in-memory joins become effectively free of charge at just about the right point. If your most important queries stick within this scale of operation, then this seems to be the best possible option for your system (or at least the sessions that you expect to be doing hash joins). However, there is clearly a problem when the first data set is large compared to the available hash_area_size it looks as if the arithmetic to cater to multiple probe passes has fallen out of the code path and the cost of multipass joins seems to be much smaller than you might expect. It is possible that this will result in hash joins being selected when there are better
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We add the appropriate MenuItem objects to the menu based on the current state of the application. For example, Go will only display if we are in the READY state.
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As with the ActivatedClientTypeEntry class, the WellKnownClientTypeEntry class holds the configuration of a server-activated object used by the client application. Therefore, it is the client s counterpart for the WellKnownServiceTypeEntry. Usage examples: RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownClientType( typeof(IRemoteComponent), "tcp://localhost:8080/MyRemoteObject.rem"); RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownClientType( new WellKnownClientTypeEntry(typeof(IRemoteComponent), "tcp://localhost:8080/MyRemoteObject.rem")); Configuration example: <configuration> <system.runtime.remoting> <application> <client> <wellknown type="MyNamespace.IRemoteComponent, MySharedAssembly" url="tcp://localhost:8080/RemoteType.rem" /> </client> </application> </system.runtime.remoting> </configuration>
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7. Now that you ve completed the process, you ll want to check that the index has actually been created as expected. From within Object Explorer, click the Refresh button on the Object Explorer toolbar or select the Refresh option from the right-click context menu. Navigate to the CustomerDetails. CustomerProducts table and expand the Indexes node. This provides you with instant, but limited, information about this index. You can see its name and that it is neither unique nor clustered (see Figure 6-7).
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& ") " _ & "values('Zachariah', 'Zinn')" ' Set up delete statement Dim sqldel As String = _ "delete from employees " _ & "where " _ & " firstname = 'Zachariah' " _ & " and " _ & " lastname = 'Zinn' " ' Create connection Dim conn As SqlConnection = New SqlConnection(connString) ' Create commands Dim cmdqry as SqlCommand = new SqlCommand(sqlqry, conn) Dim cmdnon as SqlCommand = new SqlCommand(sqlins, conn) Console.WriteLine("Command created and connected.") Try ' Open connection conn.Open() ' Execute query to get number of employees Console.WriteLine( _ "Before INSERT: Number of employees = " & cmdqry.ExecuteScalar()) ' Execute nonquery to insert an employee Console.WriteLine( _ "Executing statement " & cmdnon.CommandText) cmdnon.ExecuteNonQuery() Console.WriteLine( _ "After INSERT: Number of employees = " & cmdqry.ExecuteScalar()) ' Execute nonquery to delete an employee cmdnon.CommandText = sqldel Console.WriteLine( _ "Executing statement " & cmdnon.CommandText) cmdnon.ExecuteNonQuery() Console.WriteLine( _ "After DELETE: Number of employees = " & cmdqry.ExecuteScalar()) Catch e As Exception
The Risks in File Sharing
How It Works
public Guid InstanceID { get { return _InstanceID; } set { _InstanceID = value; } } #endregion Public Properties } The ReservationRequest class contains the ISBN, Title, and Author members for defining the book that is being requested. It also includes a Branch class that represents the branch that is requesting the book.
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