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Figure 4 1. BizTalk messaging architecture The receive objects enable the publishing side of BizTalk Server s publish/subscribe architecture. They publish messages into the MessageBox database, the central repository for all messages handled by BizTalk Server. The following objects are involved with receiving messages: Receive location: Handles the actual retrieval of messages from a specified location. The following are the main objects included within receive locations: The receive adapter defines the location and method (file, MSMQ, SQL, and so on) to retrieve messages. The receive pipeline allows decoding, decryption, disassembling, and validating messages against a schema. Receive pipelines also enable party resolution. A custom pipeline component can implement custom logic. Receive port: Groups one to many receive locations and defines any transformation (or mapping) that occurs on messages being received by the receive port.
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In this chapter, we talked about the various types of applications and application architectures. It is important for build and deployment engineers to be familiar with what they are going to be building and deploying. This knowledge comes in handy after you do a build or a deployment and have to verify that it was successful. We also talked about distributing the .NET runtime. In the next chapter, we will start the multichapter coverage of Microsoft s new build engine (MSBuild).
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while (failedKeys.hasMoreElements()) { String failedKey = (String) failedKeys.nextElement(); writer.write("<BR>Error with preference: " + failedKey); } } //create a form so preferences can be created writer.write("<P><H2>Set Preferences</H2><P>"); PortletURL url = response.createActionURL(); writer.write("<FORM METHOD='POST' ACTION='" + url + "'>"); writer.write( "Preference 1: <INPUT NAME='pref1' TYPE='text' SIZE='30'><P>"); writer.write( "Preference 2: <INPUT NAME='pref2' TYPE='text' SIZE='30'><P>"); writer.write("<INPUT TYPE='submit'>"); writer.write("</FORM>"); } public void processAction(ActionRequest request, ActionResponse response) throws PortletException, IOException { //get the preference values from the request String pref1 = request.getParameter("pref1"); String pref2 = request.getParameter("pref2"); PortletPreferences prefs = request.getPreferences(); PortletSession session = request.getPortletSession(); //set the preferences prefs.setValue("pref1", pref1); prefs.setValue("pref2", pref2); //store the preferences try {; //if the store is successful, we can remove any validator //error messages in the session if (session.getAttribute(VALIDATOR_ERROR) != null) { session.removeAttribute(VALIDATOR_ERROR);
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This command will launch TextEdit, but the program will have read-only access to any asset it can open.
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player.prefetch(); AudioPathControl control = (AudioPathControl)player.getControl("AudioPathControl"); if (control.getAudioPath() != AudioPathControl.AUDIO_PATH_HANDSFREE) { control.setAudioPath(AudioPathControl.AUDIO_PATH_HANDSFREE); }
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Saving the Chart As a PNG Image File
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Figure 2-10. A table item example code example
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Figure 4-5. TinyMCE with user-defined CSS classes
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