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public void playerUpdate(Player player, String event, Object eventData) { if (event.equals(PlayerListener.END_OF_MEDIA)) { app.invokeLater(new Runnable() { public void run() { close(); } }); } else { updater.setMessage(event); app.invokeLater(updater); } } private class StatusUpdater implements Runnable {
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Scripting Binding
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Screen Sharing is great for home use, but ARD is far superior for larger environments with more requirements. If you only need remote control, then Screen Sharing will typically suffice. If you have large numbers of systems to manage, or you need the ability to remotely install software or send Unix commands, then Remote Management is likely going to be of more use to you. In the Sharing preference pane, the management features are referred to as Remote Management, and can be controlled granularly on a per-task basis. The Remote Desktop application, used to control Macs using ARD, is licensed separately. If you enable Remote Management, Screen Sharing will automatically be disabled. Remote Management includes the VNC access managed by Screen Sharing.
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Using Helper Methods
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CHAPTER 8: Digging in Deep
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Figure 12-1. Looping through a result set
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Data binding contains tremendous value, but also holds disadvantages. We recommend ensuring it is being used correctly and when needed, because data binding can create overhead and memory leaks, which will cause your application to suffer in terms of performance. In this chapter you learned about techniques for using Data Binding. We covered one and two-way data binding using braces using MXML and binding tag as well as the overhead associated with the process. You learned of using the BindingUtils class as well as implicit and explicit data binding. We continued by showing you how to debug bindings and use a custom TurboBinding Metadata. We continued by explaining data binding between client side and server side by creating class and binding all properties as well as binding using ObjectProxy class. Lastly, we helped you avoid common Flex data binding pitfalls and common misuse mistakes by given examples. In the next chapter, you will learn how to tune your applications for superior performance. You will be looking under the hood of Flex and related Flash player features that impact performance.
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Figure 7-9. Adding a group to a table item
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Another common use of the Iteration functoid is to allow the interrogation of records preceding or following the currently processed record. This can be helpful when mapping elements in a repeating record in the source schema that require knowledge of the next or previous record.
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How It Works
4. Close and save the form.
info.GetValue(String name, Type type) and cast the result to the correct type. All of those additional
Once you change one text input component, the other changes as well. This type of binding allows two source objects for the same destination. This is useful when you need two properties to be tied together.
Figure 3 7. Date/Time functoids in the Toolbox
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