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disconnects from the LDAP server.
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Symbol that, in the context of file management, refers to a user s home directory.
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corresponding menu located below. In the upper left of the window, you will see that there are two options listed under Monitoring Tools. One is the Performance Monitor, which will be familiar to anyone that has used perfmon in the past. The other is the newer Reliability Monitor, which you can use to examine details about the stability of the server.
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How It Works
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You ll notice the hack came in a .zip file. A lot of hack sites distribute hacks as compressed files, normally in .zip format, to save bandwidth and for convenience. While the Quick Reply with Quote hack is only one file, some hacks contain multiple files (such as additional .php files).
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INSERT, DELETE, or UPDATE command. However, a DDL trigger is attached either to an action that occurs within a database or within a server. The first part of the chapter will look at DML triggers, followed by an investigation of DDL triggers.
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Table 3-2. The LIKE Operator Operator
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3. Build and run the solution with Ctrl+F5. Click the Multiple Handlers button. You see the results in Figure 15-6.
Figure 2 17. Applying gradient background to TextBox in Blend 4 7. 8. Go to Project Run Project. When Change Device Selection window shows, choose Windows Phone 7 Emulator, as shown in Figure 2 18.
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