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The city you choose doesn t matter a great deal the purpose of this step is to ensure Ubuntu selects the correct time zone for your location, which it does by looking up the city in a database of time zones. When you ve made your selection, click the Forward button.
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Another way of thinking of an event is as a mechanism that notifies the Windows operating system or the .NET Framework that something has happened in the application, and so the functionality takes place once it receives a response back from the .NET Framework or Windows platform. The application, which has the controls with functionality associated with them in the form of events, is known as the consumer, and the .NET Framework or Windows platform, which receives the request for the event to take place, is known as the event generator. As you know, controls come with various types of events to serve particular functionality. The code segment known as the event handler notifies the application once an event has occurred so the proper actions can be implemented behind that event handler.
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Data Model
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In WF 4.0, tracking is accomplished through tracking participants, which are extensions that are derived from the TrackingParticipant abstract class. In this project, you will build three different tracking participants that should give you a sense of the flexibility provided in the tracking architecture.
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Creating an SQL Azure Database
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Figure 20-5. Properties window of a PolicyActivity
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Figure 4-1. SQL Server Express EULA
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public class TimesheetDynamicPointcutImpl extends DynamicMethodMatcherPointcut { @Override public boolean matches(final Method method, final Class type) { if( !TimesheetService.class.isAssignableFrom(type)) { return false; }
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SecureConnection ssl = (SecureConnection) Connector .open("ssl://"); SecureConnection tls = (SecureConnection) Connector .open("tls://");
In this chapter, you ll learn to make use of non-GUI clients to generate reports. We ll start with a quick step-by-step tutorial. This is followed by a reporting project that will save report output to a local drive on your PC. I ll also show you how to use FTP as a report delivery vehicle, and you ll see how to schedule automated report generation and delivery.
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in the form of a UUID number, which is then translated by Ubuntu into a file within the /dev directory. The two are then magically connected together. Note that the contents of the mounted file system are made available in a virtual way. The files are not literally copied into the directory. The directory is merely a conduit that allows you to read the CD s contents. There aren t any special commands used to work with drives that have been mounted. The shell commands discussed in 13 should do everything you need, and Nautilus will have no trouble browsing its contents. The mount command doesn t see widespread usage by most users nowadays, because most removable storage devices like CDs, and even memory card readers, are mounted automatically under Ubuntu, and an icon for them appears on the desktop. However, there may be occasions when you need to mount a drive manually.
Your other option is to have a theme defined in one place that will propagate to all web pages within the project or website. To do so, the web.config file needs to have additional elements placed within it. Let s look at the sample here: <system.web> <pages theme="BlueTheme"/> </system.web> When this is defined in the web.config, the specified theme will be applied throughout every web page in the site. Now that we have the basics laid out, let s work through a hands-on example in Exercise 9-2.
Access control Locks
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