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shown in Figure 26-3. Again, you can see them previewed behind the wizard dialog box. Feel free to experiment with the options under the Field Border heading. We prefer the 3D Look option, which gives the form elements a slight interior shadow, a common feature on most modern user interfaces. The Flat option simply adds a black border to the boxes, and the No Border option removes the border completely. Once you ve made your choices, click Next.
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Adding Menu Links the Easy Way
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[b]Bold text.[/b] [i]Italic text.[/i] [u]Underlined text.[/u] [quote]Quoted text[/quote] [code]Program code[/code] [list][*]Item in the list[/list] [list=a][*]Alphabetized list[/list] [list=1][*]Numbered list[/list] [img]http://path/to/image[/img] [url]http://path/to/link[/url] [url=http://link]Link text[/url] [color=colorname]Text[/color]
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We only ever join one more table at a time. For each table, Oracle tries a nested loop, a sort/merge (sometimes twice) and a hash join, in that order. The hints use_nl, use_merge, and use_hash apply specifically at this Now joining point, and tell Oracle which join mechanism it must use. In the case of the nested loop join, we see the cost as Outer table cost (2517) plus Outer table cardinality (68) * best inner table unit cost (1) = 2585 Of course, you will see that the Best NL cost: is quoted at the end of the section as 2,586. In isolation (in a separate test), the cost of scanning and acquiring a few rows from the parent table was 2,517.82, which explains the small error that our calculation produces. The best we can ever do from a 10053 trace is always going to be a little inaccurate, because the information supplied is (a) not intended for us and (b) not complete.
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Figure 9-16. Returning search results as topics
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1. In this example, we define a local variable. Notice that the variable is a character-based data type. We then place the ASCII() value of R in to this variable. From there, we convert back to a CHAR(). There is an implicit conversion from a character to a numeric. If the conversion results in a value greater than 255, the last value for an ASCII character, then NULL is returned. Enter the following code: DECLARE @StringTest char(10) SET @StringTest = ASCII('Robin SELECT CHAR(@StringTest) ')
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Note In the preceding example, the structure of the XML document was known to us. In cases where the nesting of XML tags is not known at design time, you may use recursive code that traverses the entire nested hierarchy.
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For the most part, use of Certicom requires the same choices considered for RIM Crypto. Specifically, you keep your code size small and avoid potential licensing issues, but are restricted to a particular set of ciphers and locked in to RIM s API. The significant extra detriment for Certicom is the extra cost involved in acquiring the keys. Balanced against this is the confidence many institutions and individuals have in dealing with a business as a provider of strong encryption.
How It Works
Modifying Email Addresses
code. The XmlTextReader class resides in the System.Xml namespace, and the MemoryStream class resides in the System.IO namespace.
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