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By clicking the Settings Filters button, you can enhance your search results by filtering out any packages that don t meet your requirements. You can filter by criteria such as whether the software is already installed, whether it s new in the repository, and much more. It s advisable to click the New button to create your own filter before starting, as shown in Figure 28-1, rather than editing one that s already there. Once a filter has been created, you can apply a filter to search results by clicking the Custom Filters button at the bottom left of the main program window, and then clicking the name of your filter in the list.
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and press Enter. The following is how the entire line read on our test PC; yours may be slightly different (note that the beginning of the line was cropped off because of the resolution of the screen):
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Any developer who has developed applications using technologies related to Microsoft s Visual Basic, ASP, or .NET has used some version of Visual Studio on a regular basis. This is because Visual Studio is Microsoft s primary development product. Whether you are developing desktop applications, web applications, mobile applications, web services, or just about any other .NET solution, Visual Studio is the environment you will be using. Visual Studio is an IDE that allows .NET developers to implement a variety of .NET solutions within the confines of one editor. An IDE is a software application that contains comprehensive facilities to aid developers in building applications. Visual Studio fits this description for a number of reasons. First, Visual Studio offers a very rich code-editing solution. It includes features such as source code colorcoding and code completion. Second, it offers an integrated debugger, which allows you to place breakpoints in your source code to stop execution at any given point, as well as step through the source line by line, analyzing the state of objects and fields at any given point in the execution. Add to these features rich support for application deployment, installation, and integration with database services, and you can understand how Visual Studio is an extremely valuable tool for developers.
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Figure 2-24. The ReportViewer control in action
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Figure 15-3. Generated code and view of Solution Explorer It s time to add the dataset and ReportViewer. Let s start by selecting the project in Solution Explorer, right-clicking it, and selecting Add New Item Dataset. Please name the dataset dsProductDrilldown. You ll notice that Visual Studio will ask you to put the dataset inside the App_Code folder; go ahead and click the Yes button. Before you add the ReportViewer, please make sure that the Default.aspx page is open in the designer and that HTML source mode is selected. Now, let s add the ReportViewer to the project by dragging Data ReportViewer from the toolbox and dropping it between the <div> tags. As a result of this action, you ll notice that ReportViewer1 is added to the Default.aspx page, and the generated code will look like the following: <html xmlns=""> <head runat="server"> <title>Untitled Page</title> </head> <body> <form id="form1" runat="server"> <div> <rsweb:ReportViewer ID="ReportViewer1" runat="server" Width="100%"> </rsweb:ReportViewer> </div> </form> </body> </html> You ll also notice that I ve set Width="100%" to make sure the ReportViewer takes the maximum space available on the page to display the report.
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Jane is the administrator of the company intranet site. To add a new user, John Strange, to the application, she goes to the login page and enters the readily guessable default login details (admin/setec). Upon logging in, she selects the Administration menu option and is presented with a list of the existing users. She selects the Add New User menu option. On the resulting Create User page, which you can see in Figure 2-2, she sets the username (jstrange) and clicks Preview User. She checks that the name has been entered correctly and clicks the Save User button. Looking at the list, she can see that John s username has been added and so she chooses Logout from the main menu.
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MacLockPick is a tool from SubRosaSoft that is only sold to law enforcement personally. MacLockPick allows an investigator to grab contacts, logs, and other data from a sleeping system in a covert manner. MacLockPick takes advantage of the fact that the default state of the Apple Keychain is open, and it uses the settings files of commonly used programs to keep track of contacts, Internet histories, passwords, and logs. A database of the tracked information is placed on the MacLockPick flash drive. This database can then be read by the log readers in Microsoft Windows, Linux, or Apple Mac OS X computers. MacLockPick also includes a log reader for accessing the data from other platforms. MacLockPick functions in a forensically safe manner and will never write to the disk or device being investigated. MacQuisition is a tool also developed by BlackBag Technologies. MacQuisition was designed to make the process of acquiring a forensic image simple. MacQuisition is a bootable Mac OS X DVD used to boot a suspect computer and acquire a forensic image, saving it either to a locally mounted external drive or to a network storage location. MacQuisition doesn t provide tools for analyzing an image. It does, however, provide a simple method for acquiring that image. This can be a far better fit than a more complicated package, such as MacForensicsLab for first responders who simply need to acquire the image and do not need to perform any further processing of those images.
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$block->subject $block->delta $is_front $id $block_id $zebra $block_zebra
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Enriching Sequence Expressions with Additional Logic
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deviceUnavailable DEVICE_ This Player has lost access UNAVAILABLE to an exclusive device and placed back in the REALIZED state. The next event must be DEVICE_AVAILABLE or ERROR. durationUpdated DURATION_ UPDATED
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In this demo, when the Get Image button is clicked for the first time, the application checks to see whether there is enough space available in isolated storage. If there is, the image will be downloaded from the web site and then saved to isolated storage via isolated storage file stream. If the button is clicked again, the image will be loaded into an isolated storage file.
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As you can see, we inserted JavaScript code, which was passed to the HTML page and executed by the browser. Displaying an alert box is pretty harmless, but having the ability to add the script tag lets the attacker inject a script, such as:
The DataSet object is at the heart of ADO.NET disconnected architecture. DataSet is somewhat analogous to the Recordset object of ADO, but, unlike Recordset, DataSet always works in a disconnected fashion. Also, DataSet can have more than one set of data. A DataSet is represented as an XML document over the network, which makes it a great choice for passing data from one component layer to another. It can also be used to integrate heterogeneous systems. A DataSet can be considered an in-memory representation of a database. Just as a database consists of one or more tables, a DataSet consists of one or more DataTable objects. Each DataTable is a set of DataRow objects. Just like a database, DataTable objects can have relations and constraints. Also, they need not always be populated from the database but can be created and populated programmatically also.
Use Internet Information Server to host your remote components for best scalability and ease of Tip
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