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Creating a Windows Service Project
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CHAPTER 4: Storage
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The five states give a big picture of what your media is doing, but sometimes you ll want more granularity than that. It might be nice to know when you have recorded 30 seconds of audio, or when a stream has run out of data and needs to buffer. RIM supports these use cases by offering a standard listener interface. By implementing PlayerListener, your application can register with a Player instance, as shown in Figure 2-3. PlayerListener defines a single method, playerUpdate(), which will be invoked whenever something interesting happens.
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Figure 5-10. Exchange Accounts configured in Address Book
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JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight data interchange format. It s based on a subset of the ECMA standard that JavaScript implements but is language-independent and uses a simple text-based format that is easy to parse and generate. The official web site for JSON is AS3 Core Library (, an open source and well-supported library for AS3, has utility classes to serialize and parse JSON messages. If your remote Java source publishes data in JSON format and is accessible over a URL, you could get the data and consume it with the help of this library. A simple application might look like the following:
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Aggregates and Others
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Shift (left shift key at the OS progress menu): Bypass automatic login. T: Boot from Target Disk Mode, turning a system into a glorified FireWire drive (including access to optical drives). Trackpad button: Ejects media from the optical slot/tray. X: Forces the system to boot into Mac OS X (used only with systems that can run OS 9).
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Establishing some form of accountability is also important. Have you ever gone to a bathroom in a gas station and seen a sign-in sheet for the attendants to mark when they ve cleaned the bathroom If a customer complains about a dirty bathroom, the manager can use the sign-in sheet to find out who forgot to clean it. Similarly, unless you establish some form of accountability, you will likely run into a situation where your logs haven t been checked in months, especially if you are dealing with multiple people in charge of log checking.
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public interface BurlapUserAccountService extends Remote { public List<String> listUserNames() throws RemoteException; } Listing 9-18 shows the wrapping service implementation. Again, this corresponds exactly to the Hessian wrapper created for the same reason in Listing 9-12.
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Revamped forum Administration panel: The Administration control panel in this version has been seriously revamped as well. All administrative actions are now logged, and those logs are fully configurable. You can set access control lists for specific forums, making for unprecedented configuration of permissions. There are plenty of new settings for optimizing the board for server load, which will be a major help to exceptionally high-traffic boards. You can even add new BBCode tags via the administration panel. Administrators will find they have unparalleled control over their board in this version. Lots of posting enhancements: You can now define post icons to be shown next to a post, similar to features found in UBB and vBulletin. phpBB also visually delineates what threads you have posted in. You can report misguided posts to moderators for further action. Security enhancements: As mentioned before, permissions have been totally revamped, and you can apply permissions to more facets of the board, including the member list and the search functions, which some automated robot scripts have been known to abuse. The administration panel uses extra checking to prevent unauthorized logins. Visual confirmation is very pervasive in this release, making you type in a special code to verify that you aren t an automated robot that s designed to sign up on all sorts of sites to help their Google results.
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Datasets can be typed or untyped. The datasets you ve used so far have all been untyped. They were instances of System.Data.DataSet. An untyped dataset has no built-in schema. The schema is only implicit. It grows as you add tables and columns to the dataset, but these objects are exposed as collections rather than as XML schema elements. However, as we mentioned in passing in the previous section, you can explicitly export a schema for an untyped dataset with WriteXmlSchema (or WriteXml). A typed dataset is one that s derived from System.Data.DataSet and uses an XML Schema (typically in an .xsd file) in declaring the dataset class. Information from the schema (tables, columns, and so on) is extracted, generated as Visual Basic code, and compiled, so the new dataset class is an actual .NET type with appropriate objects and properties.
NTD enables Windows Forms applications to be deployed in a manner similar to how thin clients are deployed; thin clients are deployed by copying the application to a Web server, and then users can access the application via a uniform resource locator (URL). Similarly, smart clients can be deployed by copying the application to a virtual directory on a Web server and then distributing a link that points to the executable. When the user clicks the link, Internet Explorer (IE) downloads the application to the user s machine and then tells a special executable (IEExec.exe) to run the application. The beauty behind NTD is that it does not require application authors to touch the client machine in order to deploy the application, which is where it gets its name, no-touch deployment. This is also true for updates; to do an update, you simply copy the new version of the application to the server, and the next time the application is launched, IE checks for a newer version and voila! Figure 6-2 shows NTD.
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