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you d create a separate table for titles with its own unique key and replace the title in the original table with a foreign key to the new table. Note how this reduces data redundancy. The titles themselves now appear only once in the database. Only their keys appear in other tables, and key data isn t considered redundant (though, of course, it requires columns in other tables and data storage). Third Normal Form (3NF) Third normal form extends the concept of functional dependence to full functional dependence. Essentially, this means that all nonkey columns in a table are uniquely identified by the whole, not just part of, the primary key. For example, if you revised the hypothetical 1NF Managers-Employees table to have three columns (ManagerName, EmployeeId, and EmployeeName) instead of two, and you defined the composite primary key as ManagerName + EmployeeId, the table would be in 2NF (since EmployeeName, the nonkey column, is dependent on the primary key), but it wouldn t be in 3NF (since EmployeeName is uniquely identified by part of the primary key defined as column named EmployeeId). Creating a separate table for employees and removing EmployeeName from Managers-Employees would put the table into 3NF. Note that even though this table is now normalized to 3NF, the database design is still not as normalized as it should be. Creating another table for managers using an ID shorter than the manager s name, though not required for normalization here, is definitely a better approach and is probably advisable for a real-world database.
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Note Large resource files may take some time to load on the Windows Phone 7 device. However, according to the Windows Phone 7 Application Certification Requirements document, a Windows Phone 7 application must render its first screen within five seconds of launch. Make sure to always include a splash screen image within the root of your package submitted to the Marketplace (see 19 for more details about the Marketplace). This splash screen image can be any .jpg file of your choosing named SplashScreenImage.jpg. Even with the splash screen image, however, be aware that the Microsoft Certification Requirements document further states that an application must be responsive to user input within 20 seconds after its launch make sure to use resource files diligently where they don t unnecessarily slow down your application.
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is identical to the ExecuteXmlReader() method of the SqlCommand class that you learned about in 7.
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The .NET types System.IO.File and System.IO.Directory contain a number of simple functions to make working with files easy. For example, here s a way to output lines of text to a file: > open System.IO;; > File.WriteAllLines("test.txt", [| "This is a test file."; "It is easy to read." |]);; val it : unit = ()
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mycustomprereq/CreateRegKeySetup.msi if you haven t done so already. In the AddFile dialog box, click the Browse button, and find the MSI. Note that the AddFile dialog box allows you to select a particular language or choose All Languages, if your prerequisite is language neutral. This example supports only the English language, so select Single Language, and make sure English is selected in the drop-down list. Click the OK button. After you add an install file, the application shows an entry for that file under the Package node in the tree control. Note that since the prerequisite supports only the English language, the BMG tool displays (en) next to the file to indicate that the install file is configured for English. Select the install file from the tree control. The application will present the Install File screen shown in Figure 9-5.
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Note For the sake of simplicity, the code emits hard-coded values. In most real-world cases, you will
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The sa user name is the default system administrator account for SQL Server. If a specific user has been set up, such as george or payroll, then specify that name. The password for sa is set when SQL Server is installed. If the user name you use has no password, you can omit the password clause entirely or specify an empty password, as follows:
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Creating a Windows Forms Project
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You can switch to the theme you wish to use on the board by editing your profile, scrolling down to the Preferences heading, and selecting the option in the Board Style drop-down list that corresponds with the name of the theme you wish to use. Figure 12-2 shows an example with two themes available.
Figure 2-9 shows the message box that is displayed when you deselect the check box. In contrast, Figure 2-10 shows the message box when the check box is selected.
After we add all our colors, we set an event listener on the collection so when we want to update any single item we have a way for our application to react. Next, let s look into the creation of our 3D objects.
namespace BookLookup { class Program {
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