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In the connection string, you specified a database that doesn t exist on the server; here you misspelled Northwind as northwnd: rdlc barcode
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Flagging Messages
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In this example, you ll build a console application that uses an ordinal indexer. 1. Add a new Visual Basic Console Application project named OrdinalIndexer to your 12 solution. Rename Module1.vb to OrdinalIndexer.vb. 2. Replace the code in OrdinalIndexer.vb with the code in Listing 12-2.
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If this is the first time you are deploying BlazeDS, it s recommended you deploy blazeds-samples.war and verify that the sample applications run without a problem. The other piece of the puzzle is the Java application server. I will assume that you have downloaded and installed one for your use. In this example, we download the latest stable release of JBoss AS from the community download page accessible at At the time of writing, version 5.1.0.GA is the latest stable release. This may differ depending on when you download it. The JBoss AS download is an archive file that is ready to use as soon as it s expanded in the file system. (It may at most require a few environment variable settings.) On the machine (PC, Mac or Linux/Unix), we just unzip it within a directory on the file system. The JBoss AS directory server appears as shown in Figure 8-2.
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Meet with Your Manager
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Adding the specific set implementation to the API here would provide very little advantage in return for the extra complexity added to our MailingList class implementation. Of course, there are possible counterarguments even for this scenario, but in the end the choice of when to make a dependency injectable resides with the developer. My advice is to choose whatever approach will make your unit tests easiest to write, and then refactor your code as it proves appropriate. Although this won t give you the correct answer every time, it will at least be easy to change your architecture without needing to substantially rework your unit tests, which will in turn reduce the frustration involved in changing APIs and will keep your code clean and the bug count low.
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Figure 6 3. Turning on the application firewall
You saw earlier how to use the |> forward pipe operator to pipe values through a number of functions. This was a small example of the process of computing with functions, an essential and powerful programming technique in F#. This section covers ways to compute new function values from existing ones using compositional techniques. First, let s look at function composition. For example, consider the following code: let google = http "" google |> getWords |> List.filter (fun s -> s = "href") |> List.length You can rewrite this code using function composition as follows: let countLinks = getWords >> List.filter (fun s -> s = "href") >> List.length google |> countLinks You define countLinks as the composition of three function values using the >> forward composition operator. This operator is defined in the F# library as follows:
3. Execute the stored procedure in Object Explorer. You should see the screen in Figure 12-9. Notice the employee names are now sorted.
Microsoft designed the control framework so that any object can be contained within another object. One way you can enhance your layout is by nesting a layout control within another layout control. In this example, you will nest a StackPanel control within another StackPanel control, but realize that you can nest any layout control within any other layout control to get the exact layout functionality you are seeking. 1. 2. In Visual Studio 2010, create a new Silverlight application named NestedStackPanel and allow Visual Studio to create a Web Application project to host the application. In the MainPage.xaml file, add the following items: A StackPanel control to the root Grid with its Orientation property set to Horizontal and the HorizontalAlignment property set to Center. Within that StackPanel, add two buttons with the labels Button Left and Button Right. In between the two buttons, add another StackPanel with Orientation set to Vertical and VerticalAlignment set to Center. Within that nested StackPanel, include three buttons with the labels Button Middle 1, Button Middle 2, and Button Middle 3.
When you modify your board, a little downtime is inevitable. Something may not work quite right, or you might have missed a line and caused something to go wrong. It happens to the best of us. While eliminating outages completely is probably impossible, you can do a few things to make your downtime short-lived and as little of an inconvenience as possible. Use a test installation, separate from your production forums. Having a test board is a great idea, especially if you are just getting started with modifying phpBB. You can freely test features you wish to add and thoroughly test your modifications, without disturbing the day-to-day operations of your production site. Plus, you can simply upload the modified test copy of the board to your production site once you know it is stable, which will put in all the necessary modifications. (If your modifications require that you perform some updates to your database, you will still need to do that in addition to uploading the test copy.) Since phpBB 2.0 permits you to install multiple copies in the same database, there is no reason not to have a test board, especially if you plan to do a lot of modification work. Schedule modification work for off-peak hours. If you have some time when your board is not heavily accessed, use that time to make changes to your board, if at all possible. That way, potential problems that can arise will have less of an impact on your operation. Let your members know what s happening. Finally, let your members know that you will be adding new features to the board during your scheduled time window, and make them aware of the possibility of outages or other issues during that time. This is especially critical if you must perform your modifications during times of higher activity. It s a nice, common courtesy, and can help in advertising some of the new features you may add.
NOTE: If you want to automate the mounting of an encrypted disk image for backups, you will need to automate the supply of the password, too, which means that the password is going to be sitting somewhere in cleartext for your script to grab. In the case of an ObjectiveC application, it is possible to utilize the keychain framework to store this value, but even then, the keychain must be unlocked at the time of use. Once mounted, the encrypted disk image behaves just like another physical drive in the system. There are a few things to note about this. First and foremost, as stated, when an image file is attached, any POSIX permissions laid down on the volume will be effectively bypassed, due to the fact that ownership of all items on the disk image s volume is masked to the running user. On top of this, the volume is mounted to the typical OS X directory in /Volumes. This can create a security issue on nodes that have more than a single logged in user: if you mount your disk image on a computer with another active user session, they will not only be able to see that the disk was attached, but they will also be able to navigate to the volume and likely read data off of that volume. Remember from 4 that a user s default umask setting in OS X is set such that any newly created files have global read access. As such, concurrent user sessions will likely have access to the unencrypted data, which isn t good. To avoid this issue, there are a couple of options. The first is to simply ensure that the top level of the disk image volume has adequate protections. While ownership is not respected by default with disk images, the mode is. This means that, if a directory only has read and execute permissions granted at the ownership level, other users will not be able to view any data on the volume. To accomplish this, a user can simply remove all access from other users by using the Permissions tab of a Finder Get Info window. Or, you can use the chmod command as shown here:
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