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You will have noticed the strange filter predicate on line 2 of the last execution plan. If you try running this test in 8i and 9i, you will see the important difference that that predicate makes. Supply the bind variables as :v1 = 300 and :v2 = 250 (in other words, the wrong way around) for 8i, and if both predicates come from the same partition, Oracle will scan that partition despite the fact that there will obviously be no data found. Repeat the test on 9i, and the extra predicate will automatically be false, and Oracle will not run the next line of the execution plan. Returning to the issue of statistics, the problem of partition statistics and table-level statistics is a difficult one. The commonest use of partitioned tables involves a process that Oracle Corp. now calls Partition Exchange Loading (or rolling partition maintenance) where you load an empty table, index it and collect statistics on it, and then do a partition exchange using SQL like the following:
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public static function bindSetter(setter:Function, host:Object, chain:Object, commitOnly:Boolean = false, useWeakReference:Boolean = false):ChangeWatcher
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Mac OS X 10.4 saw the introduction of ACLs, and Apple has continually refined them through the various iterations. For a traditional Windows system administrator, ACLs are likely easier to work with than POSIX. ACLs match the permission options almost identically. In fact, as we mentioned earlier, the OS X NFSv4 ACL format, is compatible with Windows ACLs. A file s access control list is completely extensible, allowing you to assign very granular permissions to specific users and groups. It frees you from the constraints of the POSIX user/group/everyone paradigm, and greatly simplifies permissions management. On top of their extensibility, ACLs also define numerous different access levels and inheritance capabilities, which allow for especially effective permissions hierarchies.
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This probably looks a little different than what you are used to but don t worry, it will become second nature in due course! There are three classes implemented in this module. The first is the interface that is used to template and declare the web methods and the contracts that will be understood around them, also known as operation contracts. As it is an interface, if your service class implements it, then it will get those methods; and as the methods have already been attributed as a contract, you don t need to worry about configuring them again. Note that this example bundles the interface and implementation into the same code module. In a real-world application, it would be a good idea to separate these, and reference the interface class from the implementation class for good architectural separation. For simplicity, I ve put them together in the same class in this example. The interface defines the overall service contract, and to inform the compiler that this is your desire, you attribute it with [ServiceContract()]. The methods mentioned earlier will become service operations, and as we want the service to display its contract openly and freely, they too get attributed, but this time as [OperationContract()] attributes, as that is their task. Finally, for interoperability s sake, when passing complex data structures around, you should define a contract for how they behave. Thus, a client consuming your service will know how to build and parse the data structure. This (largely) avoids type mismatch issues when crossing application platforms. For example, a complex data type that is made up of two strings with getters and setters for each is given to you by the wizard. Let s take a look at it again:
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Figure 16-7. Creating a project in Expression Blend
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In simple terms, three software components are needed for multimedia playback under Ubuntu: Player application: This is the software that s actually used to listen to music or display videos. It s the part of the multimedia system that you interact with. Under Ubuntu, Totem Movie Player is used to play back video, and Rhythmbox is used to handle audio. However, if you install the KDE desktop, Kaffeine will be used to play back movies, and armaroK will be used to handle audio playback. Multimedia framework: This is the behind-the-scenes middleman that puts the player application in touch with the codec plug-ins. The multimedia framework preferred by Ubuntu is called GStreamer; the multimedia framework preferred by KDE is called Xine. The multimedia framework is a background component of your system, and you won t come into direct contact with it, apart from when you re initially configuring your system for media playback. However, it s important to note that more than one multimedia framework can be installed, because this is sometimes necessary to utilize certain codecs. In 19, you will learn how to install an additional framework in order to fully support DVD playback under Ubuntu. Codec plug-ins: Codecs are the small pieces of software that handle multimedia file decoding. Codecs do all the hard work the number-crunching. Most multimedia file formats are compressed, to make for smaller file sizes, and the codec s job is to expand the files again, so that they can be played back on your computer. Some codecs also work the other way around by shrinking files; if you rip CD tracks to MP3, or convert DVD videos to movie files on your hard disk, you will need to shrink them for ease of storage. Under Ubuntu, the GStreamer multimedia framework is installed by default, along with a handful of codecs.
How It Works
Figure 2-3. Output from the execution of SampleTarget
C H A P T E R 10
All experienced programmers are familiar with the concept of precomputation, where computations are performed as soon as some of the inputs to a function are known. The following sections cover a number of manifestations of precomputation in F# programming and the related topics of memoization and caching.
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