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Figure 13-6. Creating a new user
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Solid Solid Normal, Arial, 10pt, Bold Location Name Shelf Right Bin Right Quantity Right =Fields!LocationName.Value =Fields!Shelf.Value =Fields!Bin.Value =Fields!Quantity.Value N0
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Using Servlets and JavaServer Pages with Portlets . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119
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Figure 4-6. Output of the InnerXml property
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Another namespace, System.Data.SqlTypes, maps SQL Server data types to .NET types, both enhancing performance and making developers lives a lot easier. Let s look at an example that uses the SQL Server data provider. It won t cover connections and data retrieval in detail, but will familiarize you with what you ll encounter in upcoming chapters.
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Figure 9 4. Panorama control example As you can see, it is pretty easy to use a Panorama control, and you can place different contents within the PanoramaItem tag. Using the Panorama control, together with the Pivot control that we will discuss next, provides a very easy way to impress your users with cool designs, layouts, and coding techniques. Considering you didn t have to hire a graphics designer to get there, that is a very powerful weapon in the Windows Phone 7 developer arsenal. In the next section, we will take a look at another powerful control the Pivot control for Windows Phone 7.
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Several modules can assist you in various theming tasks or augment the theming system in some way. With so many tools, you usually have several ways to achieve any particular goal concerning the appearance of your web site. In the next chapter, I will describe some of Drupal s features regarding hosting and maintaining sites. This will include how to set up multisite hosting, schedule cron tasks, use different backup strategies, and get help and find resources on
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Figure 1-5. Contents of a dslocal node
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CHAPTER 9: Virtualization
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The No-Nonsense Getting Started Guide
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Initializing Variables
You often have to choose whether to use modules or OO dot-notation to organize your code. Here are some of the rules for using these to organize your code effectively and to lay the groundwork for applying good .NET library and framework design principles to your code: Use modules when prototyping and to organize scripts, ad hoc algorithms, initialization code, and active patterns. Use concrete types (records, discriminated unions, and class types) to implement concrete data structures. In the long term, plan on completely hiding the implementation of these types. You see how to do this in 7. You can provide dot-notation operations to help users access parts of the data structure. Avoid revealing other representation details. Use object interface types for types that have several possible implementations. Implement object interface types by private concrete types or by object expressions. In polished libraries, most concrete types exposed in an implementation should also implement one or more object interface types. For example, collections should implement IEnumerable<'T>, and many types should implement IDisposable (see 8 for more details on IDisposable). Avoid relying on or revealing complex type hierarchies. In particular, avoid relying on implementation inheritance, except as an internal implementation technique or when doing GUI programming or authoring very large objects. Avoid nesting modules or types inside other modules or types. Nested modules and types are useful implementation details, but they re rarely made public in APIs. Deep hierarchical organization can be confusing; when you re designing a library, you should place nearly all public modules and types immediately inside a well-named namespace.
<Window.Resources> <XmlDataProvider d:IsDataSource="True" Source="C:\...\addressexample.xml" x:Key="Addresses"/> <DataTemplate x:Key="AddressTemplate1"> <StackPanel> <TextBlock Text="{Binding Mode=OneWay, XPath=AddressLine1}"/> <TextBlock Text="{Binding Mode=OneWay, XPath=PostalCode}"/> </StackPanel> </DataTemplate> </Window.Resources>
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