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MyApp.swf name=Elad
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MessageConnection mms = (MessageConnection) ("mms://+14155550100"); MultipartMessage birthMessage = (MultipartMessage)mms.newMessage (MessageConnection.MULTIPART_MESSAGE); birthMessage.addAddress("to", "+14155550101"); birthMessage.addAddress("to", ""); birthMessage.addAddress("bcc", ""); birthMessage.setSubject("The moment you've been waiting for..."); birthMessage.setStartContentId("start"); birthMessage.addMessagePart(textMessagePart); birthMessage.addMessagePart(imageMessagePart); birthMessage.addMessagePart(smilMessagePart);
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Numeric types aren t implicitly converted conversions between different numeric types must be made explicitly. You do this by using overloaded conversion operators. These work the same way as overloaded infix operators such as + and *. Table 3-4 shows the primary conversion operators.
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private var yahooMap:YahooMap; private var location:String = "1 market, san francisco, ca"; private var address:Address = new Address(location);
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Virtual Machine Deployment
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Listing 13-1. Button1_Click()
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What does DBA stand for
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CHAPTER 8: Automating Administrative Tasks
Allows you to select rows where a column has no value
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