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720 / 22 / 2 => 1,014 696 / 18 / 2 => 990 726 / 16 / 2 => 1,020 714 / 14 / 1 => 651 687 / 11 / 1 => 638 693 / 8 / 1 => 643 686 / 5 / 1 => 637 687 / 4 / 1 => 638 686 / 3 / 1 => 637 696 / 2 / 1 => 642 678 / 1 / 1 => 633 720 / 1 / 1 => 654 686 / 1 / 1 => 637 764 / 1 / 1 => 676 692 / 1 / 1 => 640
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Whereas the IClientChannelSink interface is used for creating sinks employed before a message is sent across the wire to a remote object, you can use the IServerChannelSink interface for creating sinks used when a remote object receives a message from a client. That said, this interface defines the functionality that has to be supported by server-side sink objects.
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Figure 13-11. Extracting a data table as XML
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by Brent Ozar
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The + character means that the file has one or more access control entries. When passed the e flag, ls also outputs each files ACL, as seen on the Course Files and Staff folders. In each case, the user testaid has been allowed access permissions, which effectively provide Read and Write permissions in POSIX terms. The user testaid can
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Identify Language Reuse Opportunities
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The simplicity of the application belies the complexity of what is going on under the hood, where the sequential design has been compiled into a workflow that is executed by the WF runtime hosted in the console application. You can see the code for the console application here (it is in Program.cs in your workspace):
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All recent BlackBerry models include support for MicroSD cards, and some of the very newest support MicroSDHC. By inserting these cards, users can drastically expand the amount of storage available on the device. If your application will be storing large files, it should definitely place them on the SD card if available. Most newly purchased devices come with a card, and users can later purchase replacements with larger capacity if desired. The maximum capacity varies depending on the device model and the operating system version. Memory storage should have a minimal effect on your porting efforts, but do be aware that very old devices do not have external storage available, and users might have removed their cards from newer devices. Try to avoid blindly writing out to the SD card: a more polished app will first check if the card is available by checking FileSystemRegistry.listRoots(). If unavailable, the app should fall back on writing to internal storage or display a friendly error message asking the user to run the app again with a valid card inserted.
5. Using another computer that s able to go online, visit http://ndiswrapper.
Normally, after you execute the statement above, the first thing to check is whether or not a session was created as in:
2. Run the two INSERT statements, then display the table with select * from xmltest. You see the two rows displayed. Click the xdoc column in the first row and you should see the XML in Figure 17-7.
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