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Figure 12-5. Flex interface for the Google Weather API based sample application googleWeatherAPI_resultHandler(event) is the method that is invoked on return of a successful result set. That function is responsible for transforming the data you receive into a form that binds to a DataGrid.
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Figure 11-6. The image server in action
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3. After entering the code, build and run the web project to test. Within the TextBox control, enter This is a test, and then click the Button control. You should now see that the text entered into the TextBox is copied to the Text property of the Label control as shown in Figure 4-3.
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You then used a query to select one row from the Customers table:
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Note If you came here looking for help with a damaged database but haven t performed a backup, then
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The search function has a fine-grained filter, so that you can select nodes with exactly the status, type, or category that you are interested in seeing. You can successively refine your search. Clicking the Filter button replaces it with three new buttons. These let you refine your search by adding another filter, undo the most recent search, or reset the filter altogether. The search criteria are saved in your session, so they will still be applied when you return to the content administration page (admin/node). The search filters become especially helpful when your site has a lot of content.
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Is Identity property to Yes; this takes care of automatically incrementing the primary-key value when inserting new records. Next, create a new database diagram, and add/drag your existing two tables, Employees and Addresses, onto it. Before you can add a relationship between these two tables, you must create a new nullable field in the Employees table to store the address foreign key; call it AddressID. Now you re ready to link the twotables. First, right-click the Employees table, and select Relationships. Next, click Add to add a new foreign-key relationship, name it FK_Employee_Address under Identity, and then click the ellipsis icon next to Tables and Columns Specification under General to configure the relationship. The foreign-key table (the table that stores references to rows in another table) is Employees, which is grayed out because you started by adding a relationship to the Employees table; but you can select the foreign-key field to be AddressID. Then, select the primary-key table to be Addresses, with the field AddID. Doing so links the two tables by storing unique address IDs in the AddressID field of the Employees table records, giving you a one-to-many relationship between addresses and employees. Figure 15-4 shows the table design canvas after you re finished. Similarly, linking two primary keys yields a one-to-one relationship.
Listing 6-20. The Flow Configuration Files
Workflows and Untamed Side Effects
System.out.println("OK, Done."); } }
Figure 6-16. DeployStudio Admin Computers
Listing 3-10. A Bean Configured with a Single Property
<add name="MyCS" connectionString="Data Source='localhost';Initial Catalog='company'" /> </connectionStrings> </configuration>
## Sent whenever a timesheet is updated <html> <body> <h3>Timesheet updated</h3> <p>User ${timesheet.consultant.accountName} has updated one of their timesheets.</p> </body> </html> Velocity uses a syntax similar to the expression language used by JSPs and the standard tag library (JSTL) for representing content for replacement. The Velocity markup engine is provided with the macro from Listing 8-9 and a suitably named timesheet object. The part of Listing 8-9 marked in bold will be equivalent to calling the getConsultant() method on the timesheet object, and the getAccountName() method on the resulting UserAccount object. The resulting variable (the timesheet owner s account name) will be substituted into the HTML when the message is sent.
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