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The RSS feed for Drupal.org is http://drupal.org/rss.xml. It is a listing of the most recent Tip
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more processing by SQL Server, causing a slowdown in performance. Temper this perceived gain of using an index with the downside of the extra processing required to keep the data up to date in two places for the table and two places for the index for those columns involved in the view. Now that you are aware of the pros and cons of building indexes on views, and how they differ from indexes for tables, it is time to build an index on our view. The aim of this index is to locate a record in the view quickly. We want to be able to find all the products for a customer based on his or her account number. Notice that we are not using CustomerId here. First of all, that column is not within the view, so it is unavailable for selection anyway, but we have to cater to when a customer phones up and supplies the account number. This customer will be unaware of his or her ApressFinancial internal CustomerId. Building the index is very quick and very simple, especially since you already know the basics from building indexes earlier in the book.
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Moderating Individual Posts
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CHAPTER 9: Connect. Learn. Share.
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change GNOME PPP s configuration settings to match. Once probing is complete, remove the check from Wait for Dialtone, but don t change any other settings on the Modem tab.
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BizTalk has encountered an error and suspended the processing of an inbound message. You need to fix the error and resume message processing to receive it successfully.
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Figure 8-31. Concatenating results and reducing the width 5. The best way is to remove all trailing spaces from the first name and surname concatenated columns is the RTRIM command. The following code does this, although the output in the text layout doesn t. This is because SQL Server still doesn t know what the maximum size of the concatenation will be, and it has to believe that the maximum number of characters of the sum of the two columns could still be displayed. However, in truth, the amount of data returned will be minimal. Therefore, this is a great method of reducing the amount of data passed over a network. SELECT RTRIM(CustomerFirstName + ' ' + CustomerLastName) AS 'Name', ClearedBalance Balance FROM CustomerDetail.Customers In all of our examples thus far, as you know, rows are returned either in an arbitrary order or in the order of the clustered index if one has been defined. We look now at how this can be changed.
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Configuring SQL Server Security
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When you drag and drop the chart report item, it defaults to a column chart type, and we ll stick with this default choice. You ll also notice that you re guided to drag and drop data for chart plotting. In this example, we have two pieces of data to plot against. Let s start by dragging Web Site Data Sources NetIncome Country and dropping it at the Drop category fields here prompt. Do the same for CurrentYear and LastYear, but drop these data sources at the Drop data fields here prompt. Please make sure your report design surface looks like the one shown in Figure 5-27 after you drop the plot data on the chart item.
From the pivot table View toolbar, click the Field Chooser icon. This will display a list of fields available with your BAM view. Drag one or more total or detail fields to the center of the pivot table. Next, drag one or more column fields to the column section of the pivot table. Close the Pivot Table Field List control. Figure 11 22 shows what the pivot table with data should look like.
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