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2. Run the stored procedure from Object Explorer. When prompted, enter aaa for both @newcustid and @newconame and aa for @oldcustid. The Messages window (see Figure 14-6) is almost the same as Figure 14-1. The difference is that here we ve actually deleted a row, for customer aa, so we see 1 row(s) affected for the DELETE.
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Traditional Java Remote Method Invocation (Java RMI) uses a manual proxy/stub compilation cycle. In contrast to DCE/RPC and DCOM, the interfaces are not written in an abstract IDL but in Java. This is possible due to Java being the only language for which the implementation of RMI is possible. This limitation locked RMI out of the game of enterprise application integration. Even though all relevant platforms support a Java Virtual Machine, integration with legacy applications is not easily done.
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Handling the Button Event That Plots Address Data onto the Bing Maps Map
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In the ConnectionSql project, you created the connection and specified the connection string in separate steps. Since you always have to specify a connection string, you can use an overloaded version of the constructor that takes the connection string as an argument: 'Set up connection string Dim conn As SqlConnection= New SqlConnection _ ("server=(local)\sqlexpress;Integrated Security=True") This constructor sets the ConnectionString property when creating the SqlConnection object. You will try it in the next examples and use it in later chapters.
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When the fields of this object have to be extended to include a Title property, as in the preceding example, you have to adopt GetObjectData() and the special constructor. In the constructor, you have to enclose the access to the newly added property in a try/catch block. This enables you to react to a missing value, which might occur when the remote application is still working with version 1 of the object. In Listing 8-10, the value of the Customer object s Title property is set to n/a when the SerializationInfo object does not contain this property in serialized form. Listing 8-10. Manual Serialization Allows More Sophisticated Versioning using System; using System.Runtime.Serialization; namespace VersionedSerializableObjects { [Serializable] public class Customer: ISerializable { public String FirstName; public String LastName; public DateTime DateOfBirth; public String Title; public Customer (SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context) { FirstName = info.GetString("FirstName"); LastName = info.GetString("LastName"); DateOfBirth = info.GetDateTime("DateOfBirth"); try { Title = info.GetString("Title"); } catch (Exception e) { Title = "n/a"; } } public void GetObjectData(SerializationInfo info, StreamingContext context) { info.AddValue("FirstName",FirstName); info.AddValue("LastName",LastName); info.AddValue("DateOfBirth",DateOfBirth); info.AddValue("Title",Title); } } } Using this serialization technique will ensure that you can match compatible server and client versions without breaking any existing applications.
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Figure 4-47. Final look of report design The last step left here in this report design is to add a report parameter. Why do we need a report parameter If you recall, I said in the introduction that report parameters are good mechanisms to pass dynamic information to the report. This dynamic information will be the TransferID in our case. We will pass the TransferID from the header report, which will be used to filter out only the needed products belonging to each transfer. Adding a report parameter is easy. Let me show you how. Use the following steps to add a report parameter (see the illustration in Figure 4-48): 1. Right-click the gray open area in the report designer, and select Report Parameters. 2. Click the Add button from inside the Report Parameters dialog box. 3. Name the parameter parTransferID; for the prompt, type Transfer ID. 4. Click the OK button to complete the process. All right, we ve got the report parameter ready. Now what Let s make use if it. We will use the report parameter to filter the data from the details table. We need to apply the filter on table1. To set up the filter, use the following steps (see Figure 4-49): 1. Right-click table1, and select Properties. 2. Select the Filters tab from the Table Properties dialog box. 3. Set the Filter List Express to =Fields!TransferID.Value. For Operator, select the equals sign (=), and set the Filter value to =Parameters!parTransferID.Value. 4. Click the OK button to complete the process. That s it. We are finished with our detail report now. Let s move on to designing the header report, in which we will embed our detail report using a subreport report item.
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The TransparentProxy converts the ReturnMessage to a method's return value
The Table Component
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