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Adding Custom Menus
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By specifying the PATH variable, we are in essence designating trusted paths. Because we are doing this, it is important that we ensure proper restrictions are applied to these paths. We want to make sure that all specified paths are locked down from modification, restricted only to admin users. For instance, the bash /usr/local/bin does not exist by default, so it could theoretically be possible for a user to create this directory, inject his own executables, and then interject those executables into our script. To prevent this, we utilize file system permissions. In the case of /usr/local/bin, a user would first have to create both the local/bin branch. Thus, that user would need to be able to modify the directory at /usr. Luckily, file system privileges are locked down such that a user would need root access to alter any of the specified directories. If they have the ability to alter these system paths, we have bigger issues to worry about. Specifying a PATH for our shell script doesn t solve all issues. For instance, what if the user installs a copy of a command, which is syntactically incompatible with the options specified in our script Perhaps only part of what we utilize the utility for in our script actually works with the user s app. In such case, our script would certainly execute abnormally, at best merely failing to execute, but in a worst case scenario, the side effects could certainly prove to be damaging. For this reason, you may want to allow only a specific binary to be utilized for the context of your script. The standard methodology to implement this is to declare full commands as variables, and then call that variable instead of the command. Also, you can use the -x test to see if the command is executable:
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Oracle s sorting mechanism seems to be based on a binary insertion tree. What this means is that Oracle is effectively loading your data into a simple in-memory list, and maintaining an inmemory index on that data at the same time. The significance of the word binary is that I believe the index is a binary tree, which means that each node in the tree has at most two children. As each new row of data is read, Oracle traverses the tree, using a simple binary chop mechanism to determine where that row should belong. At the bottom of the tree, there are only two options. Either there is an available spot in the node where the data belongs or the node is full. If the node is full, Oracle has to add a new node, possibly by splitting the current node and propagating the split back up the tree as far as necessary. If this hypothesis is correct, this would result in a tree that was always height balanced which means no long dangly bits hanging down from the main body of the tree with a height that was always approximately log2(number of rows to be sorted). For example, with eight rows loaded in an order that made a perfect tree, we would have a binary tree with a height of three (Log2(8) = 3).
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Running the Ant Build File
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The presentation layer of the application includes all of the components that are primarily concerned with presenting the application to the user. The example application has several presentation aspects to it: the login pages, the user administration pages, and the timesheet management pages. The specific implementation can vary, and Spring is very accommodating of external standards, but for the sake of simplicity I have implemented these by using the Spring MVC and Spring Web Flow libraries for the controllers and JavaServer Pages (JSPs) to render the output (the views). The presentation layer is discussed in depth in 6. The container for the web application that I have used in my examples is Apache Tomcat version 5.5, which is downloadable from the Apache website at You will need to ensure that you have the Tomcat manager application installed (this is included in the default Tomcat installation) to allow the application build to manage web application deployments. You also will need to configure an administrative username and password for the manager application, usually by editing the tomcat-users.xml file in the conf subdirectory of the Tomcat installation directory.
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Figure 5 7. Performance counters code 39 generator library sdk
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Velocity and FreeMarker are templating languages with similar behavior and syntaxes. In some ways they are like JSPs, but unlike JSPs they are interpreted dynamically rather than being compiled by the application server into class files. A common beginners error with JSPs is to try to include lots of application logic in the page, when it really belongs in a servlet or some other controller class. Velocity and FreeMarker intentionally restrict the amount of logic that can easily be included in the page to those operations that are concerned with the presentation of the data supplied to it. In both cases, the syntax has a lot in common with the Java EE expression language used to dynamically incorporate content into JSPs. Velocity templates are defined in files. Our first step when configuring velocity is therefore to define the location from which the files will be loaded. Listing 6-29 shows the configuration of Spring s VelocityConfigurer to define the appropriate path. The velocity configurer is one of a set of wrapper and helper classes used to make the Velocity libraries more IOC friendly.
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kickstart -activate -configure -clientopts -setdirlogins -dirlogins yes -setdirgroups dirgroups ard_admin, ard_interact, ard_manage, ard_reports -restart -agent
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To update your Tripwire config, change the /opt/local/etc/twcfg.txt file, and run this command:
The main Method
Open MainPage.xaml.cs (right-click MainPage.xaml and select View Code) and paste the following using statement at the top of the page:
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