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case "12345": i.Description = "Widget"; i.Price = (decimal)10.0; break; case "12346": i.Description = "Gadget"; i.Price = (decimal)15.0; break; case "12347": i.Description = "Super Gadget"; i.Price = (decimal)25.0; break; } context.SetValue(this.Item, i); } } } Just as workflows can have input and output arguments (explained in 4), an activity can also have input and output arguments. In fact, the properties you have been setting for the built-in classes (such as the Text property on a WriteLine activity) are activity arguments. Your custom activity (LookupItem) takes an ItemCode as an input argument and returns the ItemInfo class as an output argument. The LookupItem class is derived from the CodeActivity base class and overrides the Execute method. This method creates an ItemInfo class and stores the ItemCode in it. Notice that it has to use the context.GetValue() method to obtain the value of ItemCode because the argument data is maintained by the workflow itself. The CodeActivityContext is provided to the Execute() method when it is called. The Execute() method then specifies the Description and Price properties based on the ItemCode. (In a real application, you would look them up in a database.) Finally, it calls the context.SetValue() method to store the ItemInfo class in the output argument. Press F6 to rebuild the application.
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only. A send port can also be explicitly started from an unenlisted state.
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protected function resetPlayer():void { // need to implement }
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n 11, you used data readers to retrieve data from a multirow result set. In this chapter, we ll look at data readers in more detail. You ll see how they re used and their importance in ADO.NET programming. In this chapter, we ll cover the following: Understanding data readers in general Getting data about data Getting data about tables Using multiple result sets with a data reader
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Figure 5-10. Complete workflow diagram
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In the preceding code, notice that the URL of the cloud is hard-coded this URL must match the URL you have specified in the configuration file (app.config) for the WCF service. Notice also how the event handlers (client.DownloadStringCompleted) are wired up those event handlers provide the status updates on whether the registration/unregistration succeeded or failed. At this point, you have completed writing both the server and the client piece for automated push notification. It is now time to verify that the server is able to keep track and notify its clients appropriately, without the need to manually copy and paste the push notification URL.
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contains all the history of the transactions that have occurred since the last full database backup. This is important to know about in planning database recovery; however, the details behind these concepts are outside the scope of this book.
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runtime, you may run into conflicts with this that will not allow your components to function as expected.
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abstract void Close(); abstract int Depth
Figure 10-34. Device Console logs
Running Asynchronous Computations
Note vim includes some elementary file-save protection. If, for any reason, vim is not shut down properly, there s a chance you ll be able to recover a version of file the next time vim starts. However, as with all such protection in any kind of program, you shouldn t rely on this. You should use the :w command to save your file periodically.
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