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Note The Database Lookup functoid can communicate with any ODBC-compliant data source. For this recipe,
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Because Flash Player is an ActiveX control with a GUI, you can rely on aximp.exe rather than just tlbimp.exe to generate the RCW for the COM component: C:\> aximp c:\Windows\System32\Macromed\Flash\Flash10d.ocx Generated Assembly: C:\ShockwaveFlashObjects.dll Generated Assembly: C:\AxShockwaveFlashObjects.dll If you use ildasm.exe to analyze the structure of the generated assemblies, notice that the wrapper of the COM component is contained in ShockwaveFlashObjects.dll and is generated by the tlbimp.exe tool. The second assembly contains a Windows Forms host for ActiveX components and is configured to host the COM component, exposing the GUI features in terms of the elements of the Windows Forms framework. You can test the Flash Player embedded in an interactive F# session as follows: > #I @"c:\";; --> Added 'c:\ ' to library include path > #r "AxShockwaveFlashObjects.dll";; --> Referenced 'c:\AxShockwaveFlashObjects.dll' > open AxShockwaveFlashObjects;; > open System.Windows.Forms;; > let f = new Form();; val f : Form > let flash = new AxShockwaveFlash();; val flash : AxShockwaveFlash Binding session to 'c:\AxShockwaveFlashObjects.dll'... > f.Show();; val it : unit = () > flash.Dock <- DockStyle.Fill;; val it : unit = () > f.Controls.Add(flash);; val it : unit = () > flash.LoadMovie(0, "");; val it : unit = () You first add to the include path of the fsi.exe directory containing the assemblies generated by aximp.exe using the #I directive, and then you reference the AxShockwaveFlashObjects.dll assembly using the #r directive. The namespace AxShockwaveFlashObjects containing the AxShockwaveFlash class is
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10. Expand the Tables node and check the Customers table, as in Figure 9-10.
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The main ClamXav screen (shown in Figure 8 6) allows you to select items to scan, to start and stop scans, to review logs, and to set preferences for ClamXav.
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Implementing Services in Spring
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If you hover the mouse over the error indicator next to the Calculate Discount activity, you ll see an error message similar to the one shown in Figure 7-10.
My list of search engines is very short. It is either Bing or Google, and nothing else. Either one is a good place to start when you do not know the answer. Input some keywords, or an error message, and start fishing for some answers. I have one colleague who refers to Google as his junior DBA.
<Rectangle Fill="Red" Height="100" Width="100"/>
Figure 4-25. Changing the properties of a report item using the reporting services Properties window In Figure 4-25 and Figure 4-26, I have shown you how to change properties, particularly the Value property of the print date text box item. All other properties like Color or Font are changed in a similar way. Let me show you how to set the Color property of the report title Textbox. You click the report title text box and change the Color setting from the VS IDE properties window (please see Figure 4-27).
As you can see in Listing 5-7, the schema defines an element named <Employee> that is of complex type Employee. The complex type Employee contains five subelements: <EmployeeID>, <FirstName>, <LastName>, <HomePhone>, and <Notes>. As you must have guessed, the names of these elements are extracted from the names of the class properties. These elements must occur in sequence, as indicated by the <sequence> tag. As in the previous case, you can customize this schema to suit your needs.
Sections: A common request seen on is to add a mechanism that allows for different themes in different sections or areas of a site. Perhaps the forums should look different from the book pages. Maybe the front page should have its own theme distinct from the rest of the site. Or perhaps the tables and controls in the administrative sections of the site don t work well in the theme that looks good for the content areas of the site. The Sections module ( allows you to define sections of your site that have distinct themes. The pages that are included in these sections are defined by using paths, just as block administration is done. Using a path of admin*, for example, will define a section that includes all of the administrative pages, allowing you to pick a theme that works well for the wide tables, while leaving untouched the main theme that makes your blog sparkle and shine.
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