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CHAPTER 18: Backup and Fault Tolerance
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Directory Utility for binding. The ability to enter different settings and quickly obtain results makes LDapper a great tool for enumerating an LDAP environment and is very helpul for troubleshooting connectivity problems. To use LDapper, first download it from stuff.html. Once the dmg file has been downloaded, drag the LDapper application bundle into your /Applications directory. From here, open LDapper by doubleclicking on it and then select Preferences from the LDapper menu, as shown in Figure 2-3.
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First, the execution plan tells you what the optimizer thinks is going to happen at run time, and produces a cost based on this model. Second, the execution engine starts up and executes the model dictated by the optimizer but the actual mechanism is not always identical to the model (alternatively, the model is not a good description of what actually happens). Finally, there are cases where the resources required to execute the model vary dramatically with the way in which the incoming data happens to be distributed. In other words, the optimizer s execution plan may not be exactly the run-time execution path, and the speed of the run-time execution path may be affected by an unlucky choice of data. You will see examples of this in 9.
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As well as having links to other blogs in your post, you might also want to add TrackBacks to other posts. If the other blog supports TrackBack, a TrackBack URI will be displayed somewhere on the blog post. Often, this URI is not visible unless just that one posting and its comments are displayed, as shown in Figure 15-4. This is because TrackBacks are meant to add a comment or comment-like entry to that other blog posting.
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Encryption Type lets you choose the type of cipher for your new keys. The default is DSA ElGamal, and this is the best choice because it will enable you to encrypt, decrypt, sign, and authenticate files and e-mail. DSA and RSA can only sign files and e-mail. The Key Strength option specifies the strength of your key, set in bits. The lower the key strength, the faster it is to encrypt and decrypt, but lower strength increases the chances of the encryption being broken by intruders (cracked). The higher the key strength, the slower it is to encrypt and decrypt, but as you would expect, it reduces the chances of the encryption being cracked to the point where larger keys of 2,048+ bits are currently considered unbreakable. This is why the default is set as 2,048 bits, which is a sensible compromise. The Expiration Date option sets an expiration date on your keys. The default is that the keys are set to never expire. An expiration date is useful if you suspect your private key might fall into the wrong hands (for example, if you use a laptop that could get stolen), as the key will be useful only until the expiration date. If you decide to assign an expiration date, you must create a new key before the old one expires and use the old key to sign your new one, in order to maintain authentication.
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Figure 6 19. Configuring the SQL updategram orchestration 4. 5. Set the Send Pipeline property to the Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines.XMLTransmit pipeline. Bind the deployed orchestration to the newly created send and receive ports.
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Figure 2-17. Text Editor, All Languages, General options
Second, you ll need to insert a virtual SD card for the simulator, which you can do by configuring the simulator. I prefer the option of using a directory on the host PC filesystem, which allows me to easily view files as they are created, modified, and destroyed. In Eclipse, this option is available in the run configuration, as shown in Figure 2-7.
Say you want to find a discrete list of ProductIDs against which orders have been placed. DISTINCT handles this type of query. 1. Open a SQL edit window in SSMSE (remember to make Northwind your query context). Enter the following query and click Execute.
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